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What’s better than having the grandkids over?

Cobblewood Castle Village Playhouse

We all know the importance of having family in our lives. But in an increasingly busy and technology filled world, family time can take a back seat. Grandparents can often find themselves at the bottom of the visit list from both their own children, and their grandchildren. So how do you change this? Well an awesome indoor playhouse might be able to help!

More fun than a bucket full of board games!

Over the years we’ve designed and built dozens of playhouses with the sole purpose of encouraging visits to the grandparents house. Our playhouses are effective on two fronts. First, a playhouse attracts the little ones! If you have a playhouse cool enough that your grankids feel like putting down their tablets to play there, then you can be sure they’ll be begging their parents, “Can we go to grandma and grandpa’s house?” Second, an indoor playhouse keeps kids happy, safe, and entertained all at once. And when the kids are happy, you know their parents will be too. Have your kids had a long week? Invite them over for some coffee while their kids play on your playhouse and give them a break. From the youngest among you, to the matri- or patriarch, an indoor playhouse is a great idea for the whole family!

Ellenburg Castle Playhouse - Hand Painted by Client's Muralist

Some of our best designs for families like yours are castle or village playhouses. These give the kids plenty of space to play, as well as lots of room to imagine. These designs are versatile, and easy to re-imagine, which means no matter what space you have available, we can create something perfect for you.

There are a handful of features we recommend on every grandparent playhouse. One is a slide, which probably means having a second floor. One of the simplest, yet most effect inventions since sliced bread, a simple slide can keep a kid occupied for hours! Having two floors also gives kids more of a chance to create wild adventures. This is great when you’ve got just one kid to entertain, or if you have a whole pack headed over. To give you and your children peace of mind, we fill our playhouses with windows. Not only does this allow light in, but it makes for excellent visibility; An invisible kid is a kid about to be in trouble.

We want to make this easy for you.

Below we’ve collected some of our best Grandparent Playhouses. Most of these design were actually created for the exact purpose of entertaining grandchildren, and the rest lend themselves well to the idea. Some are small, others are large, but all are sure to please. If you have any questions about these playhouses, or feel like you might be ready to order one, please give us a call. Our number is 801-261-2261

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