Kelsey Castle Playhouse

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This is the incredible Kelsey Castle Playhouse. This village inspired playhouse takes up an entire room of it’s own. It’s the ultimate way to keep kids playing all day long!

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This is our Kelsey Playhouse. Making use of the corners and walls, the Kelsey is actually two separate playhouses with a unified theme. In between the two playhouses is the doorway to the room. Each of the playhouses has an upper and lower level. Large doorways lead into the lower area’s and open roofs makes sure everything inside is bright and fun.

On the right side playhouse, an exposed, straight staircase takes kids up and down. We’ve tucked away the staircase on the left side, and put in a slide to deliver kids to the ground. Kids will love emerging from beneath the gridded bay window, and the metal surface makes for a smooth ride.

The Kelsey is perfect for commercial spaces, or for grandparents hoping to entice the grandkids. The seperated playhouse means its great for kids who want to play together, or who don’t.

Some of our favorite features include the wrought iron balcony on the right playhouse, and the shingled roof on the left. The Kelsey as shown is base-painted with a cream and brown theme, but we can happily paint it however you like.

I f you like the Kelsey, but don’t quite have the room for it, let us know. We can happy shrink (or expand) any design. We can add features or remove them, or we can build you a playhouse from scratch. You can call us or visit our custom page to get started.


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Jade Ho
2 years 5 months ago

Hi this is Jade . I’m very interesting the in door playhouse for my new home .