This beautiful little cottage was specially built for an incredible little girl name Lydia. Lydia has a rare genetic disorder that has caused, among other things, severe autism, epilepsy, and a developmental delay. Because of these things, her bed was a little different than our normal cottage. For example, the slide was made longer, so it was less steep, and we made the roof higher so it was easier for Lydia to move around inside. Her mother, Nola was an absolute joy to work with from start to finish, and we’d like to thank her for giving us permission to share their story.


Dear Michael and Family,

Everyone is enjoying the beautiful bed! When it arrived the boys were super excited but dad was at work and I decided to wait until he got home until we opened the crates. It had been raining that morning but had stopped when the crates were delivered. The Fed Ex driver climbed on a ladder and helped us cover up the crates to protect them from some light sprinkles. When dad came home we dug into the crates and with the neighbors' help got all the pieces upstairs. (This bed was not made in China). We worked on assembling until Brent had to go back to work that night. The next evening things were progressing to almost the finish line until the ladder...we didn't leave enough space between the slide and the wall so it was back to disassembling some and moving but the task got finished and some excited boys went to sleep with their sister, inside the house! I'm glad you suggested the double. Everyone has had a blast on the slide (ok, even mom and dad). The painting on the house is beautiful and we're so glad that we asked you to take on the artwork!! Once again thank you for all your time, effort, and attention to detail.



Setup Was a Family Project