Castle Bunk Bed Blueprints

If there are two things we know people love, they are Castle Bunk Beds, and DIY projects. With these castle bunk bed blueprints, these two things are combined! These plans will allow you to build your own castle on your time. The Canterbury is our “entry level” design for the less experienced builder. The Lancaster and Norwich are more advanced bunk bed builds. These castle bunk bed plans all have features that will thrill your princess and princes for many years.

Please Note: The prices listed below are just for the playhouse plans. They do not include materials, which you must provide yourself.

If you purchase a set of our castle bed plans and decide you would prefer to buy a finished bed rather than building it yourself, we will be happy to give you full credit of the price you paid for the plans towards the completed bed. We want your family to enjoy our unique castle beds. After all, it’s what we created them for.

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