Though these playhouses have been divided here into categories, all of them (and beds) can be modified to meet your needs. Any residential structure can be used in commercial settings, and vice versa. Please note, all of our residential and commercial playhouses are intended for indoor use only.

Our residential playhouses are the perfect way to use that extra guest room, or entice the grandkids to come and visit. From small jeeps, to enormous castles, we’ve got a wide selection to choose from. Having a fun place for the kids to play, helps develop their creative juices.

Our commercial designs work great in business settings, whether you are in the business of play, or just want something to fill a waiting room. On this page we’ve compiled some of our favorite commercially used designs.

Our outdoor playhouses are generally intended for residential use, but can also be commercial. These come in kits, or as blueprints, and unlike our other playhouses we do not build, paint and ship them to you.

And if you don’t see what you like, we’d love to create a custom playhouse just for you! Many of our designs started life as nothing more than an idea in a creative parents head. What will you create? Call us today at 801-261-2261 and let us know!