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Kid Ventures Castle Playhouse

Play Center – We live in a very tech centered world. It makes life easier in a variety of different ways, but some parents are beginning to feel that their children are perhaps too plugged in. That’s why places like Children’s Museums, Play Centers, and Mommy Cafe’s have been surging into existence. Places like these encourage kids to get up and play, to flex their imaginative muscles, and to give their parents a break for a couple hours.

And what play place is complete without a good playhouse?

What does a play center need?

When it comes to play centers and kids museums, keeping kids engaged is the key. A lone playhouse may not be enough for an entire business, but we can certainly ensure it’s a center piece!

If you’re expecting to have a high volume of kids at any given time, you’ll most likely want a large playhouse, or else several small playhouses. Larger playhouses have several advantages. They have the space to entertain multiple kids at once. There is more room for interactive features. And with the larger area, kids are more likely to wear themselves out, which parents will love!

We can load our playhouses full of features! From physical activities like slides, ladders, climbing walls, and crawl spaces, to imaginative ones like puppet theaters, steering wheels, and dress up stations. We have a wide list of addable features, and are always looking to add some more. If you have an idea of what you want, we’d love to hear it, and if not, we’d be happy to help.

Imagination is an important part of any good play center. Our playhouses combine physical spaces conducive to make-believe, as well as fanciful themes that get kids minds whirring!

Storage space is also a must. An empty playhouse may not have much allure to kids not used to playing pretend. But, if you fill it with books and toys, secret cubby’s and empty spaces, the kids will find ways to have non-stop adventures! From bookshelves, to reading nooks, to wardrobes and more, our storage options are great for kids during playtime, and even better for you during clean-up.

We want to make this easy for you.

We know that you’d rather spend more time running your business, and less time shopping for supplies. That’s why we’ve collected several of our most play center friendly playhouses we have to offer. Several of these are even currently in use in play centers and children’s museums around the nation. All are customizable, from features to colors, and if you don’t see what you like, we’d love to create a custom playhouse just for you!

Please feel free to call us while you browse. We’d love to answer any questions you might have and help you understand our options. Our number is 801-261-2261. If you think you might be ready to begin, click on the free quote button below, or give us a call.

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