Granny’s Village Indoor Playhouse

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Sometimes kids need a place where they can just get away from it all. And what better place to do that than Grandma and Grandpa’s house? This is Granny’s Village, a quaint cottage playhouse that’s as cozy as a hug from granny! 

The playhouse has two levels and includes a staircase, slide, and three ‘buildings.’ The straightforward design makes this playhouse perfect for all sorts of spaces. 

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Over the river and through the woods, or perhaps just into the living room we go. No matter how we get there, there is nothing quite like taking a trip to grandmothers house. With our Granny’s Village playhouse, we hope to encompass that cozy feeling.

This playhouse is not free standing. Instead, it is meant to fit against the wall of the room. The design works best when put against at least one corner, but we can modify it if your space is different. If there are other features you would like us to add or remove, please let us know.

We created the Granny’s Village Playhouse out of three charming, cottage inspired ‘buildings’. Kids will find the first entrance to the playhouse on the far left. This first building has a a square door with molding along the edges and top. Corner bricks stand out along the walls. The upper level of this playhouse has an arched window to look out of, as well as square trim along the top. From here, kids can go right into the rest of the playhouse.

We put the ladder leading to the upper floor of the playhouse in the second building. This staircase sits between two sets of large windows. These windows aren’t just great for kids peeking out. They are also great for making sure adults can see in. We put a small window seat inside the left hand, lower floor window, which makes an excellent place to sit and read. 

The third building contains the slide, as well as the third entrance to the playhouse. We connected the slide and the final door with a peaked roof that curves down to the lower level. Kids can peer out of a small window above the door, or slide out from under the peaked roof to the ground. 

We gave the Granny’s Village you see here a custom hand-painted design, complete with building titles, faux shingles on the roofs, and the children’s names. However, we can also give the playhouse a simple base painted design. Base painting generally includes solid colors on the walls, with a detail color for the trim. Please call us if you have more questions about base painting. The third option we offer is an unpainted design. In this case, we send the playhouse to you without paint and let you become the artist. This is great for painters, or those looking for a memory making family project. 

Dimensions: 154″ W x 86″ D x 91″ H

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