Castle Playhouses

Check out our classic Castle Playhouses. Who doesn’t want to get swept up in a world of adventure, of dragons and sword fights, jousting and quest? With these castle playhouses, you can help the imagination of your little ones come to life!

Below are some of our favorite castle playhouses. We will happily adapt any of our bunk beds into playhouses, so if you saw a castle bunk bed you loved that you don’t see here, ask us about it.

Though you will see several different painting styles below, from unpainted to custom hand painted, know that all of our playhouses and beds can be given the paint job of your choice. That means a Knights Castle can become that of a Princess, and vice versa. We are also happy to paint them gender-neutral, or not paint them at all.

If you have an idea for a castle playhouse and don’t see it here, please let us know, so that we can build the castle playhouse of your dreams!

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