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The Cobblewood Castle is one of our favorite designs. From it's village playhouse feel, to it's charming paint scheme, to the fact that it was built to fit into a round room, there is a lot here to love.

This playhouse was designed to entertain the grandchildren of the Beesley family right here in Salt Lake City. If you'd like to read their story, click here.

As mentioned above, the Cobblewood castle was specifically designed to fit into a round room in the house. As such, it probably isn't a perfect fit for any old room you have. However, we'd love to modify the design to fit the space you do have. Please give us a call at 801-261-2261. For more details on the Cobblewood's design, see below. 


Have the children in your life ever dreamed of running away to some charming, enchanted village? Then the Cobblewood Castle might be perfect for you.

This unique village playhouse was custom designed to fit into a round room. As such, its more than likely that the Cobblewood won’t really fit into the space you have. Don’t worry. We can easily alter all of our designs to fit your room. In this case, that might mean modifying it for a room with corners, or even just borrowing some of the elements to put on a different village playhouse. Regardless of what the modifications are, feel free to call us to discuss them.

We made the Cobblewood Castle up out of four ‘buildings’. The first, on the far left when you enter the door is a charming little, European inspired cottage. Five windows on two sides give light a chance to get in, as well as plenty of visibility for both the adults outside and the children within. We highlighted this little cottage with a hanging window. This feature not only has two gabled windows on it, but smoothly slides down into a long, curved roof. Just beneath this window we tucked in a metal topped slide. We also put two storage shelves in beneath this slide. Kids can play in this cottage from both the upper and lower floor, and reach it by entering the next ‘building’ down the line.

Kids can find the first entrance to the lower level in the second ‘building,’ the aptly named Cobblewood Castle. This one has an arched window, as well as one of our classic octagonal towers. Three small, arched windows curl up the side of this tower. From inside this building, kids can either go left to the cottage, or right to the next rooms. In order to reach the upper level of this playhouse, kids climb a curved staircase with paneled railing. The family that ordered this design even added carpet to their staircase! The path to the next ‘buildings’ extends behind the staircase on both the upper and lower levels.

The third building we built was a charming little market. This one has a market window on the first floor that is perfect for playing pretend. On the second level, a gridded bay window presides over the playhouse. Like the first ‘building’ in the bunch, this little market doesn’t have it’s own entrance. Instead, kids reach it by entering either the Castle to it’s left, or the final building to it’s right.

The final spot in the lineup went to what the family who ordered it called the ‘Beesley Bakery’. This little shop has a door in the front, as well as a corner window that extends out from the wall.  This is a great spot to display baked goods, stuffed animals, or kiddo art work. The upper level has two windows, one above the door, and one on the side. We put an adorable little flower box beneath one window, and the other is a cute oval design. Entering the bakery on the first floor gives kids access to the market and other stores to the left. To enter the top floor, kids must climb the stairs, then cross around to the right.

This playhouse was about as custom as it’s possible to get. In addition to its unique shape, this playhouse also had curtains installed in some of the windows. The stairs were covered in the same carpet that covered the room. And we gave every building a custom hand-painted treatment. These features work together to make this one of our favorite playhouses, and we’d love to apply them to your playhouse. Additionally, we can turn any of the ‘buildings’ into something else (i.e. the bakery can become a bank).

If you are interested in the Cobblewood Castle, a variation of it, or just borrowing some of the design aspects for another playhouse, please let us know. Call us at 801-261-2261 or use the Free Quote button above. To learn more about the custom process click here


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