Mindy Bunk Bed / Playhouse

As Low As $1,795.00 Unpainted. As Shown With Staircase and Hand Painting $3,890.00

Sometimes its the simplest thing in life which turn out to be the most wonderful. The same can be said with our timeless Mindy Bunk.

This adorable design can be used as a traditional bunk bed, or a loft bed with a playhouse as the lower level. The standard design includes a cubby hole ladder up the side, though optional ladders and staircases are available. The Mindy is available with two twins, two fulls, or two queen beds.

The Mindy’s got a twin: The Mason Bunk Bed is the same design, but with a solid trim along the roof, creating a slightly more masculine feel. Click here to take a look!

For more details on the Mindy Bunk, see below, or give us a call at 801-261-2261. We’d love to talk to you!


The Mindy Bunk Bed is simple, stylish, and efficient. You can use this versatile design as a bunk bed, or as a combined loft bed and playhouse.

To reach the top bunk, kids climb up a cubby hole ladder built into one side of the bed. Once they’re up, a picket fence railing keeps your little rollie-pollies from rolling right off the edge. If you don’t think a cubby hole ladder is right for your child, we can replace it with a lean-to ladder, a built in traditional ladder, or a staircase. If you add a staircase you have the option of putting drawers beneath this space. We can also add a slide to one side for you.

The face of the Mindy Bunk Bed is a simple cabin design with two large, open windows and an open front door. The windows have faux shutters around the outside, and the door has a faux frame. One little window at the top peers into the loft. We’ve also put a faux shuttered window on the side opposite the ladder. These windows make sure the lower area is bright and airy, and makes sure mom and dad can always see inside.

In addition to the faux shutters and door frame, the Mindy includes charming scalloping along the top edge of the cabin facade.

We paint the standard Mindy Bunk with two colors, one for the walls and one for the trim. This is the base painted design. Choosing a hand painted design allows you to add flowers, vines, and other beautiful bits of art to the bed. You can also order the bed unpainted, and make a family project out of painting it yourself. All paint colors are up to you.

The Mindy Bunk Bed can hold twin sized mattresses, full sized mattresses, or even queen sized mattresses. If space is an issue, please let us know, because we can modify all our designs to fit your space. We can also reverse this design so the built in ladder is on whichever side you wish.


Twin Size: 82″ W x 45″ D x 72″ H

Full Size: 82″ W x 60″ D x 72″ H

Queen Size: 85″ W x 64″ D x 72″ H

Love the Mindy Bunk? Still have a few questions? Ready to start your order? Whatever the reason, feel free to give us a call at 801-261-2261. You can also use the Free Quote button listed above to get started. 


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