I was sitting in my office one afternoon & I looked out the window and noticed someone walking up to our front door. We don't have a lot of "walk in" traffic and we didn't have a fancy showroom but Patty had seen a sign hanging on a platform in our parking lot that simply said "Children's Furniture". This was the beginning of a very special experience and relationship. We talked for several minutes and I learned about their home and family. The Beesley's were just finishing an incredible home in Sandy, UT & they had dedicated one very special room for their grand-kids. I quickly got Kevin involved. He is a design genius and it didn't take very long to incorporate their ideas before we had some very cool drawings of what it might look like. We went back and forth with a few weeks here and there. Patty and Brad worked closely with our art director, Laurel and what you see is the result.


“This note of thanks is long over due and we want you all to know how absolutely fun it has been! I knew your Playhouse was going to be a “big hit” when my wife began getting more excited about it than she was about our new custom home. While we have many wonderful features in our new home, the Playhouse may be the best feature of all. Our grandchildren would all agree! When they come to visit their first move is straight toward ‘Cobblewood Castle’. You and your talented team of designers, builders, artists, and installers, masterfully transformed our rough ideas into something truly unique and magical. Mr. Disney couldn’t have done it better himself. Your attention to design, detail and craftsmanship has created an exciting and entertaining place to play. The only tears ever shed by our grandkids are when their parents say, “it’s time to go home.” My wife and I can honestly say, “of all the people that worked on building our home, Team Tanglewood is Tops!” A great big thanks to you all for taking so much pride in creating such an excellent product.”

Brad and Patty Beesley - Sandy Utah

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Peer through the doors to see what's inside!
This little room makes the perfect spot for a playhouse.
Certainly one of our favorite designs, the Cobblewood Castle is a little village unto itself.


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