Next stop, mars.

Words cannot describe fully the beauty of the castle and shuttle beds that Tanglewood Design has created for our children! But I’ll try. πŸ™‚


First of all the process was very long because we were not sure about dimensions and features that we’d like to include in the beds. Kevin was so patient and so attentive to all my wishes and helped me to take some important decisions where I needed advice (especially considering that our kids’ rooms are quite small). Michael was also very patient with me since our first discussions over the phone and he’s always replied my questions by email pretty fast.


Secondly, I’d like to highlight terrific job that Laurel and her department did with painting and hand painting. She took into consideration all the smallest details that my daughter wanted to see in her castle. Laurel also helped me to chose the right colours that would complement nicely our daughter’s bright pink room. Roses with petals, stone cladding, grass, unicorn and golden letters on the central turret just take your breath away when you see Arwen’s castle for the first time… Shuttle bed was painted exactly how I asked, so no comments…


Thirdly, Rachel has made all amazing lighting in both beds. My both sons who share the shuttle bunk bed can’t stop playing in the cockpit. When they switch on thrusters lights and start sound button we almost feel Earth’s trembling and we all flying into space. The dashboard is wonderful. It looks so realistic, yet is simple enough for our 2 year old (almost 3) to be able to switch on the lights and sounds that he likes to activate.

Finally shipping time wasn’t as long as we thought in the beginning. The beds arrived in time and there were no damage whatsoever, all pieces were wrapped carefully. Each bed came in crates (that were easy to disassemble) and with touch up paint in small cans. And personally I was amazed to see so detailed colourful instructions that showed step by step how to assemble each bed. That is really helpful for customers. It took me and my husband half day for each bed assembly (but mind that we were also taking turns in babysitting and chasing our little ones and were using a hand screw driver instead of electrical one).

Each bed is a masterpiece and is a centerpiece of each room. This is what you get when you have a TEAM of TALENTED PEOPLE!

Many thanks to everybody at Tanglewood Design (sorry I didn’t name everybody) from all our family!



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