In the Office

Tanglewood Design, Inc., is owned by two brothers, Kevin and Michael Herd (Team Tanglewood). Our manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and we ship throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East. Our first website was online in 1999 and we incorporated in 2001. We were selected by Zions First National Bank as one of their top "Speaking on Business" companies for 2016 for Utah and Idaho.

Michael (left) and Kevin with our Zions Bank Top Business 2016 Award


Kevin is our creative genius and head of design. His background has always been in the design and building industry with considerable experience in residential and commercial construction as well as cabinet design and sales. Kevin spent two years living in Germany where his love of architecture (especially castles) developed. As our principal designer, Kevin believes that cookie cutters are for kitchens and wild ideas are for trying. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild, and watch as Kevin brings your ideas to life. (801-261-2261 ext 102)


Michael has a background in manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing. He oversees the “operational” side of the business, keeping all the paper work in order, all the ducks in a row, and all the I’s deftly dotted. He particularly enjoys talking with clients, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order (payment options, shipping information, etc), you’ll want to talk to him. (801-261-2261 ext 101)


If you found us through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or Houzz, then you have Rachel to thank. Rachel runs our social media accounts, doing her best to keep you all updated and intrigued. In addition, Rachel also does copy on the site, and does follow-up's with customers after their designs are installed.

On the Production Floor

It is our goal and mission to give you excellent service and a designs that will capture your child’s imagination for years to come. After all, this is your bed, your playhouse, your creation. We just happen to be building it for you.


Running the build side of the production floor is Ian. He makes sure that every design is built not only to your specifications, but also to last. He oversee’s the construction of each design here at Tanglewood and gives them the go ahead before sending them off to Laurel for painting.

Laurel (right) and Marcy work together to paint a Castle Vicari slide.


Laurel manages our Art / Paint Department. She believes that every design should be as fun to look at as it is to play on. From picking lovely color palates to coordinating the layers to painting it yourself--If there is art involved, Laurel is your lady. (801-261-2261 ext 104)


Marcy is our Lead Artist. If you've purchased a bed from us with detailed hand painting, you'll see her signature on her work. With a paintbrush in hand, there is just about nothing Marcy can't do. Roses, bricks, rabbits, trees, and more!