We’ve been making custom beds for kids for 16 years. We often get calls from parents who want a special paint job, or to add a feature, all to make their child happy. But occasionally, we get parents who are looking for a different sort of custom design. Sometimes they need a themed medical bed.

Like Nola, a mother of three. She called us to ask about creating a unique design for her daughter Lydia. Lydia has a rare genetic disorder which has caused a host of issues, such as autism and epilepsy. They were looking for a bed for Lydia which would not only keep her safe at night, but would also keep her happy. So, we created a custom Cozy Cottage just for her. The changes were fairly minor—a raised ceiling to make moving around inside easier, a longer slide so the pitch was not as steep, a small latch on the door to ensure Lydia stayed safe and sound all night—but the impact they had on this family were huge. (To read more about Lydia, click here.)

Lydia with her custom cottage.
The inside was roomy and safe.

Then there was Louise, a grandmother of an 18 year old named Bryant who has a partial agenesis of the corpus callosum, microcephalic diminished white matter of the brain, a feeding tube and a seizure disorder. Bryant’s first bed was jury rigged by his grandfather, and lasted until he out grew it. The family was then given a medical bed, but due to the low railings, Byrant fell out, ripping out his feeding tube in the process. A chance encounter brought our company to Louise’s attention, and we spent the next month designing and creating a special bed for Byrant. In addition to having high walls, and a door with a lock, we also put two curved railings on the bed, specifically so Byrant could grab them and jump up and down, something his family said he loved to do.

Louise with the bed she helped create.
Bryant testing out the railings for jumping.

Our beds are a great way to ensure your child is safe every night, but can also enjoy the simple joys of being a child. The customizable nature of our business means that if there are specific features you need, we can make them a reality. Our beds are safe, durable, and meant to last a lifetime, which means you’ll only ever need to buy one!

We know how important the safety and happiness of your child is to you (we’re parents and grandparents ourselves). That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring that every parent who comes to us with a medical need is able to get just the bed they need.

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Click here to read an article from the Idaho State Journal about Bryant.