Commercial Playhouses

Commercial Playhouses for waiting rooms, pre-schools, and more!
Modern Indoor Playhouse with Slide and Stairs

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Patience may be a virtue, but it’s not one many kids are born with! That’s why we build commercial playhouses for indoor use that are perfect for keeping the kids entertained while they wait. We build playhouses for waiting rooms, pre-schools, fitness centers, party stores, and more. These commercial playhouses are practical, unique, and entirely customizable, so you can get just the features your business needs! Just some of the features we can add include:

  • staircases
  • slides
  • puppet theaters
  • store fronts
  • dress up space
  • toy storage
  • desks
  • plinko boards
  • climbing wall
  • and much, much more!

Below we’ve listed some of our favorite commercial playhouse designs, but this isn’t all we can do. In addition to custom creations any of our beds or playhouses featured on this site can be adapted for commercial use. To date, we’ve designed and built playhouses for dentist offices, play-cafe’s, resorts, library’s, visitors centers, and more! Many of these examples can be seen below.

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Check out the video below of The Perfect Playdate Castle as it’s being assembled. This playhouse was built for an indoor playground and cafe (check them out here!). What could you use yours for?

These are some of our favorite commercial playhouse designs, but remember that any bed or playhouse on our site can be adapted for commercial use, and we absolutely love making custom designs.

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