Playhouses for Pre-Schools

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A Foundation of Play

Playhouse for Pre-SchoolsPre-school is a fantastic way to get kids started on the path to learning early. And as science tells us more and more often, play is also an integral part of kids growing up happy and healthy. What better way to keep your pupils entertained than with an incredible Playhouse for Pre-Schools?

An indoor playhouse is great for in the winter, or when the weather is too bad to let kids play outside. Here is Salt Lake City, during the winters, we get terrible inversions, when a brown haze formed by pollution gets trapped inside our mountains. There are multiple days in the year in which the air quality is deemed too poor to allow kids outside. Recesses and outdoor playtime’s get moved indoors all around the valley, and kids get restless. Rather than try and corral play-hungry kids with a story or a nap in place of recess, you can let them loose inside your Playhouse for Pre-Schools?

Start Things Off Fun!

Playhouse for Pre-SchoolsParents have high hopes for their children in pre-school. That’s why you need a variety of ways to teach social skills, motor skills, and keep them active and entertained. A playhouse is a great way to combine those needs.

Larger playhouses are great for pre-schools, because they allow for more room to play, learn, and explore. With class sizes ranging in size from the single digits to double, you need to be sure your play spaces have the volume to entertain them all at once. Large playhouses also mean more space for fun and interactive features. And, with lots of physical play created by slides, stairs, and more, kids can get their energy out in a safe and fun environment.

Playhouse for Pre-SchoolsIn pre-school, “edutainment” is a must. Kids should be able to have fun and learn at the same time. Whether it’s a bucket dumbwaiter to teach them cooperation and motor skills, or a magnetic alphabet board to practice spelling, we have plenty of interactive features to keep their hands and their minds occupied. And when it comes to features, if you can dream it, we can do it. We have a wide range of features already, but we’re always looking to add more.

Storage space is also important. After all, you want to keep things clean, while also having plenty of fun toys and books for the kids. In addition to cubby’s, shelves, wardrobes and drawers, we recommend adding a plinko board to your pre-school playhouse. In the bottom spaces, list clean-up jobs, homework exercises, or whatever you like. Then give each child a ball, and watch them fall. Kids will love watching them plink, plink, plink down to the bottom. A plinko board is a great way to make work fun!

We Want to Make This Easy for You.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of our best pre-school playhouses. Several of them are even currently in use at playhouses around the country. Every one of our designs is customizable with regards to both features and paint. We would also love to create a design just for you!

While you browse, feel free to call us. We’d be happy to answer questions, explain features, and ensure that you understand all your options. Our number is 801-261-2261. If you think you might be ready to start, you can either call us, or request a free quote below. Playhouse for Pre-Schools

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