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While the Children Play, the Parents Can Pay!

Space Shuttle Playhouse w' BookshelfCar dealerships. Hair salons. Mattress stores. There are all sorts of retail businesses who’s patrons bring in kids. But the buying experience isn’t fun for anybody when the little one is constantly begging to be entertained! Give parents (and yourself) a break by adding a playhouse to your business. We have just what you need to make sure kids are safe and entertained while you and their parents strike up a deal!

How to Keep Kids Off Their Parents Phones.

Cozy Cottage Bed and PlayhouseOdds are, playhouse space probably wasn’t a priority when finding the location for your business. That’s okay. We have plenty of small designs sure to keep kids occupied for the length of the sale.

Kids love having their own space, and when that space inspires them, their more likely to entertain themselves with playing pretend. Whether their blasting off to space or making tea in their cottage, our playhouses are sure to set their little minds whirring!

Once we’ve caught their attention, we know just how to keep it filled. We have lots of interactive and fun features–plinko boards, steering wheels, puppet theaters–that can be built in to any of our designs. And, we specialize in optimizing storage space. This makes it easy for you to fill the playhouse with toys, books, props, or whatever you see fit. We have a wide variety of interactive features, and are always looking to add more.

We Want to Make This Easy for You.

Classic Storefront Playhouse with SlideBelow we’ve gathered some of our best playhouses for retail space. All of our playhouses are customizable, from the features we add to the paint job we give it. If you don’t see what you like, we’d love to create a custom design for you!

While you browse, feel free to call us. We’re more than happy to help answer questions, explain features, and make sure you understand all your options. Call us at 801-261-2261. If you’re thinking about ordering, you can give us a call, or just request a free quote below to get started.

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