Old South Storefront Playhouse

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This Old South Storefront Playhouse looks good, we wouldn’t mind living there ourselves! And in fact, you could; We created this incredible design for the living room of a wonderful family. Whether in a living room, or in a commercial setting, this playhouse is sure to please! Beautiful to look at, and fun to play in, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Looking for a storefront playhouse with an Old West theme? Look here! How about something a little more Classic, or something for Granny? Or, if you want a storefront with a different theme, head over to our custom designs page. We’d love to create on for you!

Though this playhouse was created for a home, the storefront design works excellently in commercial settings. See our commercial playhouses, or specialty designs pages for more information.

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There are few things more romantic, or nostalgic, than the idea of an old time small town main street. A time and place where everyone knew each other, and every shop was a mom and pop. For better or for worse, times have changed, and small town charm can be hard to come by. That’s why we created our Old South Storefront Playhouse.

We gave the Old South Storefront playhouse five shops. We began on the far right side of the playhouse with an old fashioned carriage company. A slide descends out from the carriage door.

Right next door is an ice cream shop, complete with a counter inside, and a flower box in the window up above. The two chairs at the outer window counter were provided by the family.

Miss P’s Boutique takes up the corner of this two wall playhouse. Just behind the inner wall we’ve fitting a curved staircase leading up to the second level. From here kids can peer out of the arched and gridded window at all their friends and neighbors down below.

The blue shop is a bakery. This seems particularly fitting given the sweet at sugar bay window we’ve put on the front.

We finished the playhouse out with a theater, the perfect place to put a TV, projector, or cozy reading/tablet nook!

The upper floor reached through the center shop extends both to the left, into the bakery and theater, and to the right, over the ice cream shop. Two small stairs lead down from the second floor of the ice cream shop and onto the carriage.

Although we base painted this playhouse, all the hand-painting (shop titles, background picture, etc.) was done by the family. We would love to talk to you about hand painting your design, and the purpose of each shop is up to you. We also have an Old West storefront design.

Looking for a storefront playhouse of your own? Let us know! You can call us at 801-261-2261, or click on the free quote button above to get started. We would also love to create a custom design for you. And if you’re looking for another type of commercial or specialty designs, click here.


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