Castle Beds

We love helping kids create and live out their dreams and fantasies with the most complete selection of castle bunk beds available anywhere at any price. Our principal designer and co-founder, Kevin, spent two very special years living among the extraordinary castles of Europe. They are the inspiration for many of our castle beds.

As you look through our various designs you will see staircases, slides and towers to fit just about any room or decor. With the Leeds Castle Bunk Bed you can even design your own with options for multiple features. You also have the option of choosing colors that will perfectly match your existing room.

Colors will help define whether your castle bed is for your special princess or bold knight. We frequently paint them “gender neutral” when the castle bed will be used by both.

Let your imagination run wild then call us to help bring your dreams to life. Our number is 801-261-2261.

Got a castle in mind that you don’t see here? We would be happy to create one custom for you.

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