Classic Storefront Playhouse

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Storefront playhouses are incredibly versatile. You can find a theme that matches what you need, while still giving children a chance to imagine their own adventure. And our Classic Storefront Playhouse is an excellent place to start!

The design of this playhouse was inspired by the charming architecture of San Fancisco, but it’s timeless design means you can give it any theme you want!

Want to see other storefront playhouses? Try our Granny’s VillageOld South and Old West versions. If you’re shopping around for a commercial playhouse, make sure to check out our Specialty Designs page! For more information on this playhouse, see below.

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We don’t call it Classic for nothing. This timeless Classic Storefront Playhouse will never go out of style. Whether you want this playhouse to brighten up your business, or are looking for a way to entertain the grandkids, we know this playhouse will delight the children in your life for years to come!

The Classic storefront playhouse includes four stores. Three make up actual shop fronts and the forth is a tree house. In this version of the playhouse, the three stores are a Schoolhouse, a Market, and a Bank. For your playhouse, we can keep these stores the same, or replace the titles with whatever you like. We can also split up the center store, pictured in blue, into two store fronts.

The storefront on the far left, pictured here in red, is made up of one room without a ceiling. We made the door open, and gave it two charming windows to let in the light.

The ‘building’ to the right has a timeless stacked bay window design. On the lower level, we put a window seat into the bay. This spot is a perfect place for kids to curl up and read, or wave to those outside. Built into the wall which separates the two left side store fronts is a set of shelves. Kids can access this from inside the bay window shop. We also built a small shelf into the partial wall on the other side. This wall separates the first and second sections of the blue storefront, and also holds the doorway between the two. The upper floor of this playhouse mirrors the lower level.

The storefront build into the corner, pictured in green here, provides access to the lower level of the playhouse, as well as to the upper floor. We placed a staircase just inside which kids use to reach the top floor. This upper floor extends over into the blue storefront, as well as in the other direction to the treehouse.

Kids have access to the treehouse by four different methods. The first is up the small climbing wall installed on the side. The second is through the tree trunk out front. Options three and four are from within the corner store front, which allows access to the tree trunk on both the top and bottom floors. In addition to the charming tree house window that faces out over the playhouse, we also put a small arched window with faux shutters on the left side. The treehouse leads kids to the metal topped slide, which brings them back down to the ground.

We know that visibility is important to you, which is why we littered the Classic Storefront Playhouse with windows! Not only do these windows provide for light and visibility, but they help give the playhouse such a lively look. If you’re looking for a storefront, but aren’t sure this design is quite to your liking, try our Old South, or Old West Storefront Playhouses. We designed this playhouse to fit in a specific space, but we would be happy to modify the shape and size for you. We can add or remove features, or we can even design a storefront playhouse just for you! See our Custom Designs page for more on that.

As we mentioned above, the stores on this playhouse are up to you. Please give us a call to discuss all your decorating options.

If you have any questions, or you feel ready to get started, please give us a call at 801-261-2261. You can also use our Free Quote button above.


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