Cozy Cottage Bed and Playhouse

As Low As $1,995.00 Unpainted. As Shown With Base Painting $2,695.00

After a long day of playing, learning, and being generally rambunctious, every kid needs a comfortable place to cozy up and fall asleep. Our Cozy Cottage is just the thing. With it’s European charm and clever storage capacities, its a design that can please you and you kids.

The Cozy Cottage is a quite versatile design as well. It can be a single bed, bunk bed, or playhouse, depending on what you need and the features you choose. It makes an excellent playhouse for commercial spaces like waiting rooms and libraries as well. (Click here to learn more!)

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The Cozy Cottage Bed and Playhouse couldn’t be more true to it’s name. Designed with a European charm, this is a bed your kids will love being in and you will love looking at.

We created the classic shape of this cottage by placing a narrow gable above a bay window with cross hatched grids. A curved offshoot of the roof leads to the door and a charming chimney pops up beside the gable. There is also a gridded oval window beside the door, and a gridded arched window above the gable. On the standard design, there is also a large arched gridded window on the side opposite the chimney.

Though this Cozy Cottage Bed and Playhouse may look small, its storage opportunities are big! The chimney, for instance, is one of our unique chimney bookcases. Inside, the cottage are a series of shelves. The upper arched window has a shelf just behind it, and the bay window does as well. We have also built a small bookshelf in behind the oval window.

The Cozy Cottage doubles as a bed (twin, full, or even queen) or a charming indoor playhouse. We can also add an upper floor and make this cottage a bunk bed. If that’s what you want, then you have the option of adding a paneled staircase, spindled staircase, or a ladder to the side opposite the chimney. We can even add a slide! The slide can have an open shelf built into the side.

We can put a front step before the front door, or have the door extend down to the floor. You can choose between no door, a door with a gridded window, or a door with an oval window.

We would be happy to paint the Cozy Cottage however you like. We base painted the standard design with white walls and a trim/roof color of your choice. However, we have done plenty of hand-painted, as well as prime-painted (paint it yourself) cottages. Faux shingles are not included in the standard paint design.

It’s very easy for us to modify this design to fit your needs. We can flip-flop the features, alter the sizing, and add or remove features at will. You can also create a custom bed or playhouse based off the Cottage design.

Cozy Cottage Bed and Playhouse Dimensions:

Twin: 88″ W x 61″ D x 83″ H

Full: 88″ W x 76″ D x 83″ H

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