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There is something to be said for the gritty charm of the old west. Herding cattle, panning for gold, fending off bandits. Men and women striking out for adventure! And now you can bring that same Western spirit to your home or business with our Old West Storefront Playhouse.

We’ve given this playhouse four west inspired ‘stores,’ as well as a slide and staircase. We also have a Classic storefront playhouse, an Old South storefront playhouse, a Granny’s Village playhouse and can easily create a custom storefront design just for you!

Though this playhouse was created for a home, the storefront design works excellently in commercial settings. See our commercial playhouses, or specialty designs pages for more information.

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Want to bring a touch of the wild, wild west to your home or business? There’s no better way than with our Old West Storefront Playhouse. Kids will have a blast crawling around in these spaces and creating their own adventures.

We gave our Old West Playhouse four ‘stores.’

The first is a bank. What old western town would be complete without a bank, and a few robbers looking to make themselves rich. Kids can play as the sheriff, or as the bandits, but either way, they’re sure to have quite the adventure! The bank is a square building with a small front door entrance, one window on the bottom level and two up above.

Along with the Bank we’ve added a General Store. Gone the same way as cattle rustlers, General Stores and Mercantile shops are lost trademarks of the western age. This building has two gridded windows on the ground floor, and has a narrow arched top.

Remember those bank robbers and cattle rustlers? Where better to put them than the county jail or sheriff’s office? Little jail birds can look out the barred windows on the upper floor. Proud sheriffs can watch over the town from the windows down below. The sheriffs office or jail has a similar square molded top as the bank.

The final building in the Old West Storefront Playhouse is slightly smaller, and has more possibilities. We’ve seen it as both a saloon, and a stable. The arched doorway makes a great place to lead in horses, or put on some swinging doors to invite in patrons.

In addition to the four buildings, the playhouse also includes one staircase leading to the upper level, and a slide taking kids down. These two features can be placed wherever works best for you. Depending on the placement of these features, a second floor can run through as few as one, or as many as all of the ‘buildings’ in the playhouse.

In the past we’ve given our Western Playhouses a Bank, General Store, Jail, Sheriffs Office, Saloon, and Stable. However, you are welcome to request whichever shops you’d like. We can hand-paint it ourselves, or (like our Old South Storefront Playhouse) we can let you do the hand-painting. We would also be happy to create a custom storefront playhouse from scratch for you, with whatever theme fits your fancy.

In the past, we’ve built most of our storefront playhouses for homes, but they make an excellent design for a commercial space. Want to see more commercial playhouse ideas? Click here. 

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