Perceval’s Indoor Playhouse


Who says a playhouse has to take up lots of space? Our Perceval Castle Playhouse is a great option when you want a castle playhouse, but don’t have a lot of room to spare.

Tucked neatly in a corner, this unique castle playhouse is complete with staircase to the 2nd floor. It also comes with a slide and is designed for rooms with 8′ ceilings, though it can be modified.

To learn more about the Perceval see below, or call us at 801-261-2261. We’d love to discuss this playhouse with you.



So you want a castle playhouse, but you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to it? Well you’re in luck, because our Perceval’s Indoor Playhouse is an excellent choice for castle playhouses on the smaller end. The footprint is approximately seven by nine feet (exact dimensions are listed below) and it was built to fit neatly in a corner.

Just because the Perceval’s Indoor Playhouse is small, doesn’t mean its lacking on fun! A paneled staircase along one wall brings kids up to the second level. The upper level wraps around the back and has several windows for kids to peer out of before they are deposited onto the slide. Two of the windows upstairs are turret windows, which extend out over the rest of the playhouse. Not only are these great places for kids to peer out, but they make awesome places to store books or toys as well. We gave one of these windows a peaked roof and the other a crenelated top.

The bottom floor has two entrances. We made the first by cutting an arch into the tower which rises up between the staircase and slide. The lower play area extends into the back corner then opens up on the other side of the castle through a second archway. In addition to the under-castle play area, we also put a play/crawl/storage space beneath the slide. In place of this crawl space we can put two open shelves. This makes a great place for you to keep toys and books when the kids aren’t using them.

Something different about the Perceval Castle is that it is not free standing. The two back walls are non-exsistant, and the structure leans against the corner it’s placed in. If you don’t want your Perceval in a corner, or just want walls regardless, please give us a call and ask about adding back walls to this playhouse.

The price listed above for this playhouse includes the hand-painted style you see here. You can also get this playhouse with base painting (imagine it without the bricks and antiquing) or un-painted, giving you and your family an opportunity to paint it yourself. You can also ask us about altering the hand-painting on this design.

As with all our designs, the Perceval is easily customizable. If this design is too big for your space, let us know. If you want to add a feature like a climbing wall, or another tower, please tell us. We’d love to turn this into the castle of your dreams. You can also head over to our custom designs page, and see about creating your own perfect playhouse.

We also designed and built a bookcase to match the Perceval. The bookcase is not included in the price of the Perceval. We customized this bookcase to fit against the wall of the staircase leading into the basement where the castle was placed. The center gridded window was specially designed with an open back that matched up with a hole in the wall, making this shelf accessible only from beneath the stairs. If you would like this bookcase, we will adjust the gridded window to open from the front.

Perceval’s Indoor Playhouse Dimensions:

85″ W x 104″ D x 94″ H

Please call us with any questions you might have. Our number is 801-261-2261. You can also use the free quote button above to get started.


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