Mason Bunk Bed / Playhouse

As Low As $1,795.00 Unpainted. As Shown With Base Painting and Lean-to Ladder $2,510.00

Give your child a charming cottage of their very own with our versatile Mason Bunk Bed design. This little cabin can be used as a bunk bed, or loft bed/playhouse combination. It was designed to hold two twin mattresses, but can be altered to hold bigger beds. It includes a cubby hole ladder up to the loft, faux shutters on the windows, and the picket fence railing along the top. 

The Mason has a twin: the Mindy! This design has scalloped trim along the roof, which creates a slightly more feminine design. Check it out here.

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Looking for something simple, versatile, and timeless? Look no further than our Mason Bunk Bed. This stylish design combines an adorable cottage design with a useful bunk bed design to create a space your kids will never want to leave!

A cubby hole ladder in the back will take kids up to the upper level. Here, a charming picket fence railing will keep them safe and sound. If the cubby hole ladder isn’t for you, we can also add a built in ladder, lean to ladder (shown above), or a staircase. We can also add a slide to the opposite side. If it’s storage you’re looking for, then know that you can add optional drawers beneath a staircase, and open shelves beneath a slide. 

We gave the face of the Mason a simple cottage inspired design. An open front door with trim welcomes kids inside, and plenty of windows keep the lower level bright. The Mason has two windows on the front as well as one on either side (one of these windows may go away depending on your ladder option). These windows are open, and have faux shutters around the edges. We also put one charmingly small window at the peak of the roof for upper bunk kids to peer out from. A solid trim along the roof-line ties it all together. 

We designed this bed to hold two twin mattresses, but we can also build it to hold two full, and even two queen sized mattresses. If a bunk bed isn’t what you need, the lower area of the Mason makes a great playhouse!

We Base Paint the standard Mason design with two colors: one for the walls (generally white) and one for the trim (entirely up to you). We also offer custom hand-painting, or we can send the bed to you unpainted. This is a great way to turn the bed into a family project!

Interested in adding options? Let us know! Most all of our designs are highly customization, and we often adjust designs to fit small spaces. You can also create a design from scratch. Just start at our Custom Designs page. 

Mason Bunk Bed Dimensions:

Twin Size: 82″ W x 45″ D x 72″ H

Full Size: 82″ W x 60″ D x 72″ H

Queen Size: 85″ W x 64″ D x 72″ H

Ready to make the Mason Bunk Bed a part of your home? Still have a few questions about the design? Either way, give us a call at 801-261-2261. You can also use the Free Quote button above to get started. 


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