Ellenburg Castle Playhouse


Now here is an interesting castle. This is our Ellenburg, a custom design for a grandmother looking to create a special place for her grandkids to play. Not only did she want a combination of some of our favorite features–the Orlando window, the octagonal tower–she wanted the playhouse to utilize her ceiling space. All 13′ of it! So Kevin set to work, designing her the perfect castle playhouse to fit into her extra tall room. We sent the playhouse off with a coat of simple base paint, as the client had a muralist who painted the castle to match the rest of the room.

We love doing custom designs, and this Ellenberg castle is a perfect example of why: We never know just what our incredible clients will come up with!

To learn more about the Ellenberg, see below or call us at 801-261-2261. We’d love to discuss this or any other castle with you! If you’re thinking of creating your own custom design, try taking a look at our custom page.


The Ellenberg castle was a custom design with two floors, one staircase and several key features.

One thing that makes this castle unique is the fact that we built it for a room with 13′ ceilings. This allowed us to elongate the towers and turrets more than we usually can. The octagonal tower on the far left is actually our basic lighthouse design, but in this case stretched upwards. Three cathedral windows climb up the sides of this tower and a fourth window peers out from the top.

To reach the loft area, kids climb a curving paneled staircase that hugs the octagonal tower. Once they’re up top, kids can peer out from the turret window in the center, out of the Orlando window on the far right, or if they are tall enough, right over the side. We ran crenelation along the top edge of the playhouse to give it a classic castle look.

The lower floor has an open doorway leading into the play area. From here, kids can reach the shelves we placed inside the octagonal tower. This spot is a great place to store books and toys. There is also a window with a wide sill cut into the front wall. Kids can use this as anything from a stage for a puppet show, to the window of an imaginary store. We also embedded a bookshelf into the front outside wall for easy storage.

A special note about the Ellenberg castle is that it is not free standing. We designed it to fit into a specifically sized space and lean into a corner. If you would like the Ellenberg as a free standing castle, please give us a call and we can discuss your options.

As far as painting is concerned, you have several options to consider. The first is to take a similar approach to our initial client, and paint the bed yourself. If you want us to give it a simple design with a few basic colors, ask us to base paint it. If you want it to look something like it does in the pictures above, request our custom hand-painting. All color choices are up to you, and you can choose what we hand-paint on to it.

We designed this playhouse for a 13′ ceiling, but that might not be something you have. If space is an option, please give us a call. Just as we can expand a playhouse to fill a space, we can also shrink it down to fit one. Simply call to ask us how.


141″ W x 84″ D x 150″ H

If you have anymore questions, or you want to order, please call us at 801-261-2261. You can also use the free quote button listed above.


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