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Waiting around is no fun. But it should be!

Christensen Castle waiting room playhouseWaiting Room Playhouses – Doctors offices. Pediatric Dentists. Any professional office with a wait time involved has to deal with the struggle of keeping kids entertained while they wait. Some choose cheap plastic toys and a couple books. After all, as long as the kids aren’t crying, everything is fine. Right?

Wrong! What many pediatric offices don’t realize is that the wait time isn’t just something to get through: it’s a highly effective marketing tool. After all, how can a parent resist when a child actually wants to go to the doctor or dentist? By turning your waiting room into an incredible play space, you can keep your customers entertained, and coming back for more!

Needs differ. So do our playhouses.

Indoor Jeep Playhouse for waiting roomsWhen finding an office to practice in, its doubtful you picked the space specifically for it’s waiting room. You may have a large space, or just a few benches. Either way, we know we have just the playhouse for you.

If you have a large space, and do mostly pediatric practices, allow us to create a playhouse that fills your space. Adding physical features like slides, stairs and crawls spaces encourages kids to tire themselves out before it’s time for their appointment. And nobody wants a restless kid in a dental chair! By adding cozy, fun features like turrets, reading nooks, and fun paint styles, our playhouses can also help kids feel more comfortable. A nervous patient who knows they’ll get to spend time in their favorite hidey hole before hand can be much more manageable.

For smaller spaces, or places that only have a few kids at a time, we can create a playhouse that fits with what you have. Small, imaginative playhouses, like our shuttle or jeep, are great when one kid is tagging along with mom or dad. Their imaginations keep them entertained so their parents don’t have to. You might also find your parents appreciate you more because their children aren’t always asking to play on their phones. Even with small spaces, we have playhouses that can keep kids going, and perhaps even tire them out as well.

Regardless of size, storage space is a must. Kids can get bored easily, and if the playhouse fails, you’ll want easy access to toys, books, and other entertainment. We can add shelves and cubbys, reading nooks and wardrobes. Whatever you need to keep your waiting room fun, without keeping it a mess.

We want to make this easy for you.

Custom indoor village playhouse for a waiting room.To make the playhouse buying experience as streamlined as possible, we’ve collected some of our best waiting room playhouses below. All have features which make them great for your needs, and several of them were specifically designed for waiting rooms around the country! They are all customizable, both in features and in color, and if you don’t see what you want we would love to make a playhouse custom for you.

You may have questions, so please feel free to call us as you browse. We’d love to help explain your options and make sure you find exactly what you need. Our number is 801-261-2261. You can also request a free quote below.

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