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Read, Play, Imagine, Learn.

Custom kid furniture, Spanky's clubhouse, gender neutral kid's indoor playhouse bunk bed with staircase and shelves

Library Playhouses – Here at Tanglewood Design, we’re all about imagination. And as far as we can tell, there is no better place for fostering imagination than in a library! But these days convincing the kids to go on a book run isn’t always easy. The solution? Make the library a place the kids can’t wait to go. And how do you do that (other than by fostering an early love of reading)? With an awesome kids section playhouse!

How Playing and Reading Can Go Hand in Hand.

PLAY Bookcase

First and foremost, a library playhouse must have places to read in–lots of places to read in. Some spaces should be large, great for group readings and sharing stories. Others should be small, meant for one little body and one little book. Cozyness is a necessity!

But there’s more to a playhouse than just comfortable spaces! A library playhouse should give kids a chance to really get into their stories. It should be full of creative opportunities that allow them to jump from the page, straight into their imagination. There has to be room for playing pretend, acting out their favorite book scenes or creating their own.Cozy Cottage right side with chimney bookcase

Additionally, the playhouse itself must get kids imaginations whirring. Themed playhouses are perfect for this, whether it’s a broad literary theme (a playhouse shaped like a book, perhaps), or a more specific ones (a fairy tale castle, or trip to the moon!).

And lastly? Places for books! It is a library after all! Why not feature a series of children’s books every week on a playhouse shelf built specifically for them. Cabinets, bookshelves, open shelves, storage galore! Built in storage of books and toys is simply a must.

We Want to Make This Easy for You.

Below we’ve assembled a list of playhouses either ordered by libraries in the past, or that we think are perfect for them. All of these playhouses are customization, and we would love to talk options with you. If you don’t see something you like, we’d also love to create a library playhouse just for you! Call us at 801-261-2261 or request a free quote to begin!

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