Dollhouse Loft Bed

As Low As $1,296.00 Unpainted. As shown with hand painting $2,296.00

(Mattress & bedding not included)

This is the Tanglewood Design Original: The Dollhouse Bunk Bed. This was the first design Kevin created, and it’s stood the test of time–even after sixteen years this design continues to be a favorite!

This design is simple, elegant, and effective. One bunk on top, place horizontally with a window facing out, and one below, sticking out into the room. This design is extremely versatile: both top and bottom area’s can hold twin, full, or custom mattresses. Variations on the basic Dollhouse include the Normandy, the Manchester, the Maryville, and the Westminster.

The Dollhouse also has a wide range of paint options, and it’s easy for us to add or remove details. You can also create your own Dollhouse variation.

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This Dollhouse Loft Bed is the original Dollhouse Bunk Bed, the first design Tanglewood ever created and one of our most successful. A wide variety of options and paint colors make this bed perfect for just about everyone. And the classic silhouette of the peaked roofs mean this design never goes out of style.

Your child can reach the loft area on the standard Dollhouse by using a built in cubby ladder. Beneath this cubby ladder is a large cubby for storage. We also offer a lean-to ladder or staircase on the dollhouse. The staircase can be either paneled or spindled. Though it does not come standard, we can also add a slide to the opposite side to make getting down more fun.

The loft area has two windows; One looks out over the front of the room, the other looks out the side. The roof does not extend all the way back, which allows light to reach the loft area. There is also a small octagonal window just below the roof.

The lower area of the Dollhouse Loft Bed has corbels in the corners for charm. We’ve also added a to one side perfect for storing bed time stories and a lamp. Some of the footholds for the ladder open into this cubby. The side of the bed with the cubby ladder also comes standard with a bookcase with adjustable height shelves.

Both upper and lower area’s can hold a twin bed, full sized bed, or be custom sized.

We’re frequently asked about what to put on the ground floor. There is 42″ from the floor to the underside of the bed deck so you don’t want to put a frame, box spring AND mattress. To maximize your space the use of a low profile “bunky board” under your mattress works well for most people. For your convenience we’ve included the following link to one of the 4″ foundations on Amazon.

Lifetime sleep products 4″ Low Profile Box Spring

As mentioned above, we can also fit the dollhouse with a staircase and slide. Both staircase and slide provide extra space for storage. You can add an open shelf beneath the slide, and four drawers in the side of the stairs. Wardrobes and extra bookshelves have also been added.

Paint options for the Dollhouse Loft Bed vary wildly. If you scroll through our catalog of dollhouse pictures, you’ll see all sorts of painting styles. Several are popular enough to have been named (“Creme-de-mint,” etc.) A base painted design includes one base color, and three trim colors: one for the trim, one for the shutters, and one for the roof. Generally, the trim color is white. The hand painted version includes air-brushed shingles on the roof, as well as faux and antiquing, which give the bed a stylized, aged look. It also includes vines of flowers. We’ve painted roses, hollock, sunflowers, foxglove, and daisies. Marcy, our Hand Painting Lead, often adds a birds nest along the roof line. You can also ask for the design unpainted or prime painted. Both these options allow you to paint the bed yourself however you like.

We’ve created several designs off the dollhouse base. These include the Normandy, the Manchester, the Maryville, and the Westminster. Like these designs, we can easily alter the dollhouse to fit your needs. We can make it larger, smaller, or add on new components. We are also happy to create a custom design, just for you.

Dimensions of the Dollhouse Loft Bed

Base model Twin over full: 84″ W x 52″ D x 94″ H

Base model Custom over twin: 70″ W x 45″ D x 94″ H

Dollhouse with slide: 102″ W x 62″ D x 94″ H

With staircase: 102″ W x 58″ D x 94″ H

With slide and staircase: 120″ W x 62″ D  x 94″ H

If you have any questions, please call us at 801-261-2261. If you are ready to get started, call or request a free quote above.


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2 years 4 months ago

Are their any full over full options?

2 years 4 months ago

Yes we can do a full over full by extending the back of the bookcase section and lengthening the left side panel. The cost for this option is $475.

Thanks, Michael