Manchester Bunk Bed

As Low As $3,550.00 Unpainted. As Shown With Hand Painting $5,795.00

Our Manchester Loft Bed is the ultimate in both function and fashion. With tons of storage space built in, as well as our timeless Dollhouse design, your children won’t out grow this bed until they physically out grow it!

The Manchester is designed for a full size mattress on the ground floor and a twin in the loft. The loft is accessed by a beautiful spindled staircase complete with balusters and hand rail. The raised panel doors on the right side conceal four wide drawers. We also offer additional storage with optional drawers beneath the staircase. The bed featured here was created for 9 ft ceilings, but we also have a style which fits 8 ft ceilings.

If you love the look, but aren’t sure about all the options, try the design we based this off: The Dollhouse. Other similar designs include the Westminster, the Normandy, and the Maryville.

Did you know, this is the bed we created for Milla Jovovich? Click here to see more.

For more information of the Manchester, see below. You can also call us at 801-261-2261. We’d love to talk to you about it.


The Manchester Bunk Bed is one of our most storage filled beds. Based off our classic Dollhouse design, we’ve added features until this Manchester is ready to burst!

We designed the Manchester Bunk Bed to hold a twin mattress in the loft and a full mattress down below. The twin sits parallel to the wall while the full extends out perpendicular. To reach the loft, kids climb a staircase with a charming spindled railing. We put roofing over most of the roof, though it is open near the staircase. The partial roofing makes sure light still can reach your child. Additionally, we have put two windows into the loft space. The first is on the front and includes faux shutters. The other is on the right side, and looks out from a small storage space.

The lower bed area has a cubby cut into the staircase side. Like the window space in the loft, this makes a great place for lamps, clocks, or bed time stories. To either side of the lower bed area are shelves. Between the bed space and the staircase is a smaller bookcase with two drawers underneath. The other side of the bed has a taller bookcase with shallower shelves. On the other side of this bookshelf is a large wardrobe. Two paneled doors open to reveal two large shelves and four wide drawers.

If you’re looking for even more storage space, you have the option of adding four drawers beneath the staircase.

We offer the Manchester in three painting styles–hand painted (as shown above), base painted, and unpainted. Hand painting incorporates features like rose vines, cobblestones, and the faux shingles on the roof. Base painting generally includes two solid colors, one for the walls and the other for the trim. Unpainted leaves the paint scheme up to you!

If you’re worried about sizing, let us know. We can modify all designs to fit your space. For the Manchester, we’ve already taken height into consideration. We’ve created one version for standard eight foot ceilings, and another for higher nine foot ceilings. We can remove or add features to the bed, as well as flip the design.

Manchester Bunk Bed Dimensions:

9 ft ceiling version: 123″ W x 65″ D x 105″ H
8 ft ceiling version: 123″ W x 65″ D x 94″ H


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