Normandy Bunk Bed

As Low As $1,299.00 Unpainted - As Shown with Base Painting $1694.00

The Normandy is first cousin to our incredibly popular Dollhouse Loft Bed. The classic “Dutch Hip” roof lines add a beautiful visual appeal and functionality.

The Normandy is the perfect bed if you want a little more headroom in the lower level, but don’t have a tall ceiling. By squaring off the roof, we increase the headroom underneath from the standard 42″ to 52″, yet the overall height still works perfectly with a standard eight foot ceiling. This bed is a twin over full design.

If you like the Normandy but are looking for a bit more storage space, try our McKenzie Bunk Bed. Want to design your own space utilizing design? Check out our Custom Designs page!

Have any questions? Think you might be ready to order? Please, don’t hesitate to call us at 801-261-2261. If you want more details on the Normandy, see below. 


What’s better than a bunk bed with a timeless design, plenty of storage, and a space utilizing design? No, really, what’s better? I can’t think of anything. Our Normandy Bunk Bed truly has it all!

We designed the Normandy Bunk Bed in our classic Tanglewood fashion; the upper bed sits long-side against the wall, while the lower bed juts out perpendicularly. The base Normandy design has a twin mattress on top and a full mattress down below. (Please call us to discuss other options).

However, the Normandy has a special twist up its sleeve. The traditional height of the lower bed area is 42″. Not the Normandy. We’ve made the lower bed area 52″ tall. The extra inches make this a great place to put a desk or play space, if you only need one bed. But, despite the fact that we’ve added ten inches to the lower area, we haven’t added ten inches to the height. The squared off roof keeps the bed small enough to fit under standard eight foot ceilings. Not to mention the fact that the ‘Dutch Hip’ roof line looks great!

In addition to the added play/sleep space, we’ve given the Normandy lots of storage. A tall bookcase stretches up the left side, with five shelves inside. Set behind this shelf, we’ve put a cubby hole shelf, accessible from inside the lower bed area. This is a great place to store books, night lights, and more. If you’re concerned about the cubby hole ladder, we can replace it with an optional lean-to ladder.

Kids reach the upper bed deck by climbing a built in cubby hole ladder. The foot holes open into the cubby space. Beneath this ladder is a second cubby hole that makes a great place for shoes.

The loft is party roofed. Roofing extends a little way back from the front, as well as a short distance in from the side opposite the staircase. This partial roofing keeps the loft from becoming too dark. We’ve also cut two windows into this loft area. One is located on the front, and has faux shutters to either side. We put the other beneath the partial roofing on the side opposite the ladder. This window is especially helpful if that side of the bed faces a window.

In some of our gallery pictures above we have a pedestal with drawers in the lower bed deck. Although we don’t include this in the price of the Normandy, it makes a great addition to your purchase. The bed deck replaces the need for a box spring and adds storage with its built in drawers. The pedestal comes in full or twin sizes and has two heights – 12″ or 16″.

We base paint the standard Normandy design with three colors – one for the walls, one for the shutters, and one for the roof. The trim is typically white. You can also add hand-painting to the design, or cut the price by ordering it unpainted.

If you need us to, we can easily adjust the Normany to fit your space, whether that means adding features, removing them, or just flipping the design. We would also love to create a custom design just for you. If you’re looking for more storage, try our McKenzie Bunk Bed.

Have some questions about the Normandy Bunk Bed? Think you’re ready to order? Either way, give us a call at 801-261-2261. We’d love to talk! You can also use our Free Quote button above to get your order started.


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