McKenzie Bunk Bed

As Low As $1,395.00 Unpainted. As Shown Base Painted with Stairs $2,590.00

The McKenzie is the newest in our line of Cottage Bunks, and full of space saving features. Like our Normandy Bunk Bed, the McKenzie is a traditional bed-over-bed design, which saves space in your room.

The squared off, “Dutch Hip” roof allows for more space beneath the bed deck, and the twin bookshelves mean there is plenty of storage. This bed holds two twin mattresses and has plenty of optional features.

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Save space, utilize storage, and please you kids? Our newest cottage bunk bed, the McKenzie Bunk Bed, can do it all. We based this design off of our popular Normandy Bunk Bed.

We created the McKenzie Bunk Bed with the traditional bed-over-bed bunk bed design, rather than our typical perpendicular setup. This orientation saves space in the room, which makes it great for smaller spaces (though you can make it perpendicular as well). We’ve installed two tall bookshelves on either side of the lower bunk area. This is great if you have kids who don’t much like to share. The “Dutch Hip” roof design is not only classic and timeless, but also allows for more space beneath the bed deck–the bed deck is raised from the typical 42″ to 52″.

To access the upper bunk, kids climb a cubby hole ladder cut into one side of the bed. We can easily replace these cubby holes with a lean-to ladder, or a set of stairs. The stairs can have either paneled railing, spindled railing, or faux spindled railing. On the other side, if you want to add to the fun, we can add a slide. Looking for more storage? We can add a set of four drawers beneath the staircase, and a set of open shelves beneath the slide.

We’ve partially roofed the loft area, so kids get the feeling of being all tucked up and cozy, but the space doesn’t become too dark. In addition to the open roof, there are two windows on the upper deck. The first is a small, faux shuttered window on the front. The second is cut into a small wall on the side opposite the ladder. We also added a special feature to the McKenzie as part of the shelves; the top shelf of each bookcase is open to the loft area. This allows kids to see out, and also makes a great way to display and store important items.

For decoration, we’ve run a simple trim just beneath the three roofs on the bunk bed. As far as painting goes, the options are up to you. Your first option is to order it unpainted, which makes an excellent project for your family to complete together. Next, you can order it base-painted, as shown here. With base painting, you typically get three colors, one for the walls, one for the roof, and one for the trim and details. Finally, you can ask for us to hand-paint it. In that case, your options are nearly endless, from flowers to animals to stones and more. If you give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss painting more with you.

We specifically designed the McKenzie to be a space saving bed. But, if your still worried the design won’t fit, please give us a call. It’s easy for us to alter any bed to fit your space, from adding feature, to removing them, to simply flipping the design. We would also be happy to custom design a space saving bunk bed just for you!


87″ W x 52″ D x 93″ H

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Mackie Tucker
4 months 21 days ago

Hi. Does the full size modification option on the McKenzie bed turn it into a full on top of full design? I am interested in this design but I wasn’t sure if the full mod option only allowed for a full size on the bottom with a twin on top. I need a 2 full bed design. Thank you!

4 months 20 days ago

Hi Mackie,

Yes, if you order the full size option, the loft and the ground floor will both accomodate full size mattresses.

Hope this helps.