Basketball Bunk – The Ultimate

As Low As $5,995.00 Unpainted. As Shown $6990.00

This is the Ultimate Basketball Bunk Bed! The Ultimate comes complete with slide, staircase, trundle, glass backboard, desk w/ pencil drawer, and storage drawers. You choose the colors and personalization (names and numbers on the lockers). Ready for your twin size mattress(es) on the ground and in the loft.

Dimensions: 120″ W x 96″ D x 92″ H (For access to the desk you will need additional space on the right side)

Dimensions without Trundle: 120″ W x 76″ D x 82″ H

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*Please Note: Does the Ultimate seem a little out of your price range? Take a look at our other Basketball Bunk Bed, whose price begins at $2,000.*


This is the Ultimate Basketball Bunk Bed! Your aspiring athlete will be blown away with this personal bedroom court. The bunk bed design makes it perfect for impromptu games between those sharing the bed, and the trundle makes it perfect for sleepovers.

The Ultimate Basketball Bunk Bed includes the slide which has a storage shelf beneath, and has a non-metal top (though that option is available). The staircase includes full railings for safety as well as drawers. These drawers appear on the outside edge of the bunkbed, so extra space will be needed into the room for them. We can easily reverse the positions of the slide and stairs to fit your room.

Along the right side, beside the under-stair drawers, is a built in desk area with a thin profile drawer underneath. This is perfect for holding pencils and school work. The back wall of the desk is open, to look into the lower bunk area. If you don’t have the space in your room for the right side drawers and desk, please let us know, and we will be happy to adjust the design to accomidate your space.

The crowing feature on the Ultimate Basketball Bunk Bed is definitely the glass backboard. This backboard is the real deal, so you won’t have to be afraid of either the backboard or the rim breaking as your kids play with it. Sadly, we don’t include a basketball.

On the inside edges of the slide and staircase are lockers. These lockers include a personalized name and number of your choosing. we also paint a grill along the top to make it look more authentic. Each locker has one handle stainless steel handle. Inside are adjustable shelves. You can choose the height they sit at to better accommodate your child’s storage needs.

The lower bunk area is open to both the front and desk area and is accessible through the front. As shown it fits a twin sized mattress. Beneath this is the trundle which opens with two handles into the space between the stairs and slide. It also holds a twin mattress. If you don’t need the trundle, we can easily remove it. The upper bunk area is accessible by the stairs. Kids can choose to slide down the slide or climb down the stairs. The backboard doubles as a window, and we’ve also put two windows on either side.

In addition to the customized names and numbers, we would be happy to give this bed any color scheme you like. The standard for the Ultimate Basketball Bunk Bed, as pictured here, is a dark blue, orange trim and white details.

Don’t need all the features you see here? Try our smaller basketball bed. Or see our Pro Basketball Bed for a more refined look. If you have any questions about modifying this design, please contact us right away and we’d love to talk to you about it. Interested in designing your own sports themed bed? Check out our custom beds page.


With trundle open: 120″ W x 96″ D x 92″ H

Without trundle: 120″ W x 76″ D x 82″ H


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