Basketball Bunk Bed

As Low As $1,995.00 Unpainted. As Shown Painted With Staircase and Personalization Kit $3,539.00

What aspiring NBA player hasn't dreamed of having their very own court to play in? With the Basketball Bunk Bed, you get just that!

The bed includes an NBA sized basketball hoop and lockers on each side. The standard version of this bed features space for 2 twin sized mattresses (the full size version is shown here), one on the ground floor and one in the loft. Slides and staircases (like the one shown) are available as options, and you get to choose the colors! Talk about a great way to support your team! You can also add the graphics as shown here, to support your own little athletes.

Is the Basketball Bunk Bed not enough for you? Then try our Ultimate or Pro basketball beds!

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Do you have a little one who dreams of NBA fame? Bring their dreams to life with their very own Basketball Bunk Bed Anybody can paint a basketball onto a bunk bed. But installing an NBA sized, basketball hoop? There’s no comparison!

We designed the Basketball Bunk Bed to hold two twin sized mattresses (one on the loft and one on the ground), but we can modify it to hold full sized as well. The standard design gives kids access to the loft by way of a ladder cut into one side of the bed. You also have the option of replacing this ladder with a staircase, or asking for both. If you want to add even more fun, you can add a slide to the other side.

In addition to sheer fun, this bed is also full of storage capacity. On either side of the lower bed deck we’ve placed two lockers. These lockers are topped by three shelves each–a great place to store trophies or memorabilia. These lockers are 14 1/2″ wide and 7 1/2″ deep, and can have either shelves or hooks inside. If you order the bed with a staircase, you have the additional option of adding four drawers underneath. We can also add two open shelves beneath a slide.

To add to the authenticity, ask for our personalization kit. This adds a locker graphic onto the design. This graphic includes the grill of the locker, as well as the custom names and numbers.

Want to add an extra touch of style? Replace the standard backboard with a glass backboard. Or, go all the way, and upgrade your Basketball Bunk Bed to an Ultimate. We also have a wood finish version, our Pro!

Do you have a team you root for every year? Perhaps you have an athlete aspiring towards a specific college. You can customize the colors on this bed to match! The Standard design comes base painted with three colors of your choice. You also have the option of ordering it unpainted, and turning the painting process into a fantastic project for the whole family! For more painting options, please give us a call.

Basketball Bunk Bed Dimensions:

Standard Twin Sized: 81″ W x 51″ D* x 93″ H

With Staircase: 99″ W x 60″D* x 93″ H

With Slide: 99″ W x 76″D* x 93″ H

Slide and Staircase: 119″ W x 76″ D x 93″ H

Full Sized: Add 15″ to any depth above.

*The hoop adds about 13″ to the depth.

If you have any questions on the design, or feel like starting your order, please give us a call at 801-261-2261. You can also use the Free Quote button above. And if you’re feeling inspired, but don’t think the basketball bed is right for you, head over to our custom designs page and see about designing your own sports bed dream.


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