Fogel Castle Bunk Bed

As Low As $6,340.00 Unpainted. As Shown With Base Painting $7,785.00

The Fogel Princess Castle Bed is sure to please. With a curved staircase for your little princess, and lots of storage for you, it’s the perfect castle for your family.

The Fogel Bunk Bed is very similar in design to our Braun. And if you want a Fogel with a little more, take a look at our Amaya Castle.

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Our Fogel Castle Bunk Bed is a new twist on an old favorite, our Braun Castle. With a similar base, but different features, the Fogel is more storage oriented.

The Fogel Castle Bunk Bed includes a wrap-around staircase with spindled railings, which we can build onto either side. We’ve altered the octagonal tower–which the staircase wraps around–so that a bookshelf opens out into the front, as opposed to having three shelves accessible from inside. Above this shelf is our classic turret window with storage space inside.

The tower on the opposite side contains a bookshelf with an open gridded door. We’ve placed a turret with a window and storage space above this tower. In the center of the castle is our classic Orlando Window with storage space inside.

Between these two towers is the entrance to the lower level. We’ve added a small set of spindled railings to the ached opening for style. This bed can fit either twin, or full mattresses on both levels. If you don’t need a bunk bed, you can turn either the top or bottom bunk into a play space.

The top level includes a wardrobe built into the upper left side. Beneath this on the lower level is a set of shelves perfect for bed time stories or night lights.

The standard paint option is white base with pink towers, but we can easily add hand painting, or apply any colors you like. You can even paint it yourself! If this castle is for a prince, we would be happy to alter the colors to match.

We can also add a slide to this bed. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Not enough storage for you? Take a look at our princess themed dressers, and ask us about matching a castle dresser to your castle bunk bed!

Fogel Castle Bunk Bed Dimensions:

114″ W x 82″ D x 107″ H

Please let us know if you are worried this bed is too big for your space. We will happily modify the castle to fit your room. Or, head over to our custom page, or request a free quote to order a design created especially for you!


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