Amaya Castle Bunk Bed

As Show With All Of The Options Listed $19,950.00

*Please Note: The Amaya castle is the most expensive bed on our site. We have plenty of beds in the $2,000-$5,000 range (like the Leeds Castle Bunk Bed), as well as beds with a similar style to the Amaya that range from $5,000-$10,000 (take a look the Anatolian, Fogel and Braun Castle Bunk Beds).*

It’s hard to top our most incredible Princess Castle yet, the Amaya Castle. Loaded with features and bursting with surprises, this bed is sure to fulfill every dream your princess could have.

Features include curved slide and staircase, bookcase tower, octagonal tower with inside access, storage throughout, LED lighting package, loft castle towers and custom detail hand painting.

The loft is designed for a twin mattress & the ground floor for a full. It was also installed with a matching dresser.

This design can be customized to fit in your room. See below or call us at 801-261-2261 for more details.


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With the Amaya Castle Bed it’s go big or go home! We’ve packed with just about every feature we could think of, which means its sure to fulfill even the wildest dream of your little royalty.

We designed the ground floor of the Amaya Castle Bed to hold a full mattress while the loft holds a twin. Kids can climb the curving spindled staircase up to the loft and ride the matching slide down the other side. We’ve covered the landing of both the slide and staircase with an arch and turret. This makes the upper floor feel like a castle in and of itself.

Like the less elaborate Braun and Fogel beds, the Amaya has an octagonal tower on the left, an Orlando window in the center, and a bookcase tower on the right. The octagonal tower has two arched and gridded windows, as well as shelves accessable from within the bunk bed. At the top of this tower is an corner turret window with storage space inside. The bookcase on the right side has adjustable height shelves and an open window turret on the top.

We designed the entrance to the ground floor to feel as regal as possible. That’s why we’ve put square molding below and faux stones along the top of the arch. On either side of the Orlando window is double echo molding, and crenelated molding can be found at the top of all the towers.

The inside of the ground floor contains several sets of build in shelves perfect for bedtime stories, tiara’s or whatever your princess needs to store. We’ve also added a very special feature to the loft area: a loft castle tower sit in the center of the back wall and makes the place feel large than life. With its own miniature windows, towers and turrets, this loft castle tower is the cherry on top!

Another features included in the Amaya castle is one of our custom LED lighting packages. The lights installed throughout can act as accent pieces, night lights, or reading lights.

We’ve given the Amaya Castle one of our most elaborate hand-painting schemes. In addition to a lavender base with vines and stand-out bricks hand-painted on, we also hand-painted stones around the windows and bookshelves. The trim is gold with violet molding, and the indigo roof has air-brushed faux shingles. We also placed a coat-of-arms with hand-painted initials of the child above the outer bookshelf. If this style is not to your liking, we would be happy to paint the Amaya however you wish.

We won’t lie; the Amaya Castle Bed is BIG! But it doesn’t have to be. We can easily adjust any of our designs to fit in your space, whether that means removing features or adding them. The Braun and Fogel castles mentioned above are also excellent downsized alternatives. If you’re feeling inspired, you should also take a look at our custom designs page. See about creating your own princess castle!

We also created a princess dresser for the Amaya shown above. It had matching paint and LED lighting. The price of the dresser is not included in the prince of the Amaya.

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