How will I know if one of your designs will fit in our room?

We will do a room layout for you based on your room dimensions. Doors, windows and closets are all taken into consideration to make certain there is a perfect fit. We can show you designs with different options including staircases and slides.

Send us your room layout and we’ll show you how your design will fit. Click here for tips on doing a room layout.

What is the difference between hand painting, base painting, prime painting and unpainted?

Order your design unpainted if you’re handy and have a little time. It will arrive sanded and ready to apply your prime paint (Zinsser Bin). If you would like us to prime paint it, it will be sanded and ready for your “base coat” of latex paint. Base painting has the latex applied and you may choose to stop with the base painting or do some decorative work (hand painting).

We specialize in hand painting. Each design is a unique piece of art, special enough that each hand painted design is signed and dated by the artist. After we do the artwork, we apply a clear coat to protect the finish. We send touchup sample of the primary colors for future use.

How do I select my paint colors & do I have to choose them before placing my order?

If you see a color combination on our site that you like, just tell us which one and we’ll duplicate it. If not you can go to a Home Depot and choose colors from the Behr Premium Plus Collection. Be sure to write down the name and number of the color(s) you would like. We may have you talk with our Art Director, Laurel, for the color placement on your furniture. We don’t need your colors when your order is placed.

How long will it take to build my furniture?

It generally takes about  6 – 12 weeks for us to create your design. Lead time varies with the season and our production backlog. Your slot in our production schedule is determined by the date you place your order with your 50% deposit.

Will you do a custom design for us?

We would love to create a custom design for you. Some of our most special designs come from our clients. We’ll start with your ideas and create working drawings and room layouts for you to review. We also customize many of our standard designs. Call us and share your ideas. (801-261-2261 ext 102)

How do I place an order?

You can place your order online if you like, but we recommend that you call us (801-261-2261 ext 101). We will be sure to help you understand all of your choices and options. We'll be happy to take your order over they phone.

I live across the country, how does the shipping work?

When your order is ready to ship, we contact one of our carriers & they deliver it to your home or business. We carefully wrap and then crate each of the components. When it arrives (between 3 – 6 business days after shipment), you will remove one of the panels on the crate(s) and place in the room for assembly.

We have shipped something to virtually all 50 states, the Caribbean, most of the provinces in Canada, Russia, Switzerland, France, Italy and Dubai.

Is there assembly required?

We assemble the major components (stair cases, towers and slides etc.), so assembly for you is just a matter of attaching each of the components together with the hardware that is included. Setup instruction will accompany your furniture but you can always call us if you’re puzzled (we don’t get many calls). We completely assemble all our designs in shop before they are disassembled for shipping, so you can be sure everything will fit.

You haven’t answered my question. What do I do?

The information you're looking for may be in our Before You Order, or Building Process pages. If not, please contact us. We want to talk with you whether you are ready to place an order or just want more information to help make a decision. Please call us at 801-261-2261 or send an email from the Contact Us page. If you’re able to see our site when you call, we will give you examples and help with your questions.


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