1. Interview

When talking with each prospective client, we first get a understanding of your needs and the logistics of your project. We make sure you are familiar with the variety of beds, playhouses and custom furniture we offer so you get exactly what you're interested in..

  • Theme desired (if known)
  • Space available
  • Budget
  • Time table
  • Any special considerations

2. Room Layout

In order to make sure your furniture will fit in your child’s room, we may ask you to send us a sketch of the room. It doesn’t need to be an architectural drawing, just a simple sketch, but should include:

  • Room dimensions
  • Location & size of doors, windows, closets
  • Ceiling height
  • Which wall the furniture will be against
  • Name, phone number, email address
  • The design(s) you are interested in

Click here for additional information on creating a room layout.

Your sketch should be faxed to 801-261-2378 or uploaded using the contact us page.

Step 2: Your room layout to us...
Step 3: ...our layout back to you!

3. CAD Drawing

After receiving your room sketch, we (generally Kevin) will provide a computer-generated drawing showing an overhead view of your new furniture in the room. This drawing will help you visualize how the furniture will fit in the room and help you decide if there is room for additional components such as a slide or staircase. This process may go back and forth a couple of times until we have the perfect furniture arrangement for your room.

4. Production

All of our furniture is handmade in America by our skilled craftsmen and women. Each piece of furniture is completely built (generally by one person) in our warehouse to make sure everything fits. All screws and bolts are inserted so you don’t have to wonder where the hardware is located. Nail holes are spackled and sharp corners are rounded for safety. If your order is for an unpainted design, the furniture is then disassembled and prepared for shipping.

Bit by bit...
...a bed comes together.

If your order is for a painted design, the parts are next sent to the art/paint department. You can specify the colors when you place your order or work with our art director, Laurel, to determine paint colors. We use Glidden Professional paints, but you can specify colors using the paint numbers of Behr Premium Plus (available at Home Depot).

A design is completely built up to ensure everything fits before being broken down and sent to paint.
A design is completely built up to ensure everything fits before being broken down and sent to paint.

Your furniture is first primed to prepare the wood and then sanded for a smooth finish. Next the trim areas are taped off and the base coat is applied. Flowers, vines, trees, or other designs are then hand painted as needed. Finally, your furniture is clear coated with a urethane finish to protect the artwork.

When we say hand-painted, we really mean hand-painted!
Our lead artist, Marcy, signs all her designs.

5. Prep for Shipping

The disassembled furniture is returned to the building department where each of the pieces is wrapped with foam and carefully stacked for shipping. Setup instructions and touch up paint are included and a crate is assembled around all the materials. The crate is marked as fragile and shipped to you.

6. Delivery

When the order is shipped, we email an information sheet to you outlining the shipping and receiving procedures. Approximately 2-3 days later, a shipping representative will call to schedule a delivery appointment.

Delivery day for this lucky family!


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