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This modern indoor playhouse was created for Cache Valley Pediatric Dentristy in Logan, UT. With a slide, stairs, and a crawl space, it’s a simple but effective way of keeping the kids entertained while they wait.

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This modern indoor playhouse is great for waiting rooms or living rooms. We’ve designed the playhouse to fit into a corner which makes it perfect for small spaces.

The curving slide and matching curving staircase create an almost circular footprint. A small bit of walking space connects the two. This is great for kids who like to slide again and again and again! Kids can either play on the center area, either by peaking through the window on the top floor, or crawling into the space down below. The circular windows scattered around help to keep the playhouse from feeling closed off and give kids a chance to peek out at mom and dad.

With it’s angled walls, the playhouse is sure to stand out from the crowd! The simplistic design keeps kids entertained and active while they wait. We can also build a matching bench for parents or older children.

We give the standard modern playhouse a base painted color scheme with 2 or 3 colors. However, we would love to change the colors to fit in with the space you have, and can even add hand-painting.


7′ W x 7′ D x 7′ H

We would be happy to alter this playhouse in order to fit the space available to you. Simply call us and describe what you need, or request a free quote now.


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