Leeds Castle Bunk Bed

As Low As $1,295.00 Unpainted. As Shown with Options $4,055.00

The Leeds Castle is one of our most popular bunk beds. The base design is made of two bookcases, an arched entrance, and a cubby hole ladder climbing the side. However, this design is as versatile as they come. You can add features or simply paint colors to make this Leeds your own.

The Leeds castle featured here is one of our most popular variations. It is hand painted with an octagonal tower, a slide, and a ladder.

Click through our gallery to see some variations on the basic Leeds Design. See below, or call us at 801-261-2261 for more details.


The Leeds Castle Bunk Bed is one of the most simple, but variable castles we offer at Tanglewood Design. Don’t let that intimidate you. Picking the features you want is easy. Feel free to call us at 801-261-2261 while you browse to ask questions or start your order.

The base Leeds design is made up of two bookcases. An arch stretches between the two bookcases, and crenelated molding runs along the top. There is a window on one wall behind either bookcase that looks into the bottom level. Kids reach the loft area by climbing up a cubby hole ladder cut into the wall on the opposite side. We’ve also placed a small cubby in the top of both bookcases, accessible from inside the loft.

Looking to customize your Leeds? You have plenty of options.

The most popular optional change is to replace one of the bookcases with an octagonal tower, as shown in several of our gallery images. The inside of the octagonal tower has shelves accessible from the lower area, and a turret with a window on top.

In place of the cubby ladder we can put a lean-to ladder or straight staircase. If you add an octagonal tower, we can even add a wrap around staircase. With both the straight and curved staircases, we can give it paneled, or spindled railings. On the opposite side we can add a slide. On the side of the slide we can build in four drawers. It can be straight or curved. You can also replace both bookcases with octagonal towers. A pedestal with drawers is available to be fitting inside the bottom bed deck, and we can also add a center turret above the archway.

More detailed options include adding wooded trim around the windows on the octagonal tower, and adding molding to the bottom of the design.

Hand-painting is one of the easiest ways to make your design custom. The standard Leeds Castle Bunk Bed design has two colors, one for the base and the other for the trim. But with hand-painting you can add details like bricks or vines, or your child’s name. Paint can also determine whether this bed is for a boy or a girl.

Though this is a bunk bed, the open lower area makes this an excellent loft bed/playhouse alternative. We designed the Leeds to hold two twin bed, but we can easily change this. We can either add features, or remove them. Additionally, making the bed smaller or larger to fit your space is not an issue. We can also flip the base features however you like.

Looking to start a bed from scratch? Take a look at our custom page.

Leeds Castle Bunk Bed Dimensions:

Base Castle (twin): 82″ W x 51″ D x 67″ H

W/ Staircase: 99″ W x 62″ D x 69″ H

W/ Slide: 98″ W x 71″ D x 69″ H

W/ Staircase & Slide: 118″ W x 71″ D x 69″ H

W/ Octagonal Tower: 89″ W x 53″ D x 93″ H

W/ Octagonal Tower & Wrap Around Staircase*: 110″ W x 78″ D x 93″ H

W/ Octagonal Tower, Wrap Around Staircase* & Slide: 128″ W x 78″ D x 93″ H

W/ Octagonal Tower & Slide: 107″ W x 71″ D x 93″ H

Full sized options add 15″ to the depth.

*Add 1 1/2″ to the width dimension for Spindled Staircases

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