DeVreeze Castle Bunk Bed for 4 Beds


Now this is a bunkbed! This bed custom designed for a family who was moving from Europe to New York City. They needed to put three kids in one bedroom so they called before the move and Kevin went to work creating this cool design.

Though the family needed only three beds, this design can actually hold four! The fourth bed space (lower left) was used for a study area and included a desk.

Do you need to fit lots of kids into a small space? The DeVreeze is perfect for you. We also have a Triple Bunk Bed, and we’d be happy to create a custom design for you! We can also modify this design to better fit your space.

If you’re looking for more information, or just have some questions, feel free to call us at 801-261-2261. More details on this bed can be found below.


Can you really fit four beds into one awesome design? You bet! And that’s exactly what we did with our DeVreeze Castle Bunk Bed.

We designed the DeVreeze Castle Bunk Bed to fit four twin mattresses. Essentially an L in shape, the design is two sets of bunk beds set perpendicular to one another. You can easily use the two lower spaces as play or study areas. The DeVreeze family, for example, used onto three of the bed spaces. In the fourth space they put a desk we made for them.

Each child sleeping on the upper level has their own lean-to ladder. The right side bed has a slide descending from a small landing. This landing is also where kids land when they climb the right hand ladder. We’ve separated the two loft beds with a small wall. However, in the corner between these two beds is a small balcony open to both beds. We put a ship wheel in this shared space for extra fun.

The two lower area’s are separated by a large window. Kids enter the left hand area through a large archway. A window to their left looks out into the room. We’ve made the right hand area a little more enclosed. We’ve also put a shelf into this area, in the back corner. If you place a bed here, it makes a great place for a lamp or alarm clock.

Beneath the slide we’ve installed a set of two open shelves for storage.

We’ve wrapped the top of the bed in crenelation, for a classic medieval look. We also put double echoed molding over the entrance to the left area. The family also asked that we add three coats of arms, one for each of the kids. Two we placed above the arched window on the left side. The third we placed on the tower beside the slide.

We hand-painted the DeVreeze bed with stand-out bricks, faux antiquing, and vines. We also gave accents like the window and arch molding, and the supports beneath the balcony, a dark gray paint. You can order the DeVreeze with hand-painting, base painting, or unpainted.

Though we designed the DeVreeze Castle Bunk Bed for a specific room, we can easily alter the design to fit your space. We can flip flop the design, add or remove features, or even design you your own three or four person bunk bed from the ground up! (To do that, check out our custom designs page.)

We would love to talk to you about this design. Whether you just have a few questions, or you feel ready to order, please feel free to call. Our number is 801-261-2261. You can also use the Free Quote button above.


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