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The Wizard of Oz Castle Playhouse is our most spectacular castle playhouse design to date. You can see the full size “live version” at Kid Ventures in San Diego, CA (check out their website here!). It was so large, when they decided to move the castle to a new spot, they had to take off the top half (see pictures)!

The price as shown is Hand Painted in your choice of colors and comes complete with slide and staircase.

Though this playhouse was designed for commercial space, we can easily modify it for residential use. Look through our gallery to see our Mini Oz Castle.

If this is for a commercial space, we recommend heading over to our Specialty Designs page. From there, we’ll make sure you find the perfect playhouse for your needs.

See below for more details, or call us today at 801-261-2261. We’d love to hear from you!


This big indoor playhouse is called the Wizard of Oz Castle because its as spectacular as, well, Oz! We designed it for spaces like day cares, pre-schools, waiting rooms. Anything with a high volume of kids playing at once.

The Oz Castle is all about space. Space to run around in, space to imagine new adventures, space to be a kid. To enter the castle, kids pass underneath a grand main archway with columned molding around the outside. Inside the lower play area kids have room to roam. We gave this playhouse a tall ceiling, so the underneath never feels closed off. Additionally, we peppered the front wall with windows. These not only let in light and give kids a chance to see out, but they give you a chance to see in. This makes it easy to keep track of kids from outside the playhouse. We also put an entrance to this area beneath the slide on the far right side.

To get upstairs, kids climb the panel sided staircase on the left side. The sturdy paneled railings mean that even little ones have no risk of falling off and there is plenty of space for little hands to hold on and haul themselves up. We covered the top of the stairs with an arched tower turret that makes kids feel like they’re stepping into a magical world.

Up above we’ve put more windows, as well as towers, spires and turrets. We also decided to forgo a roof, which means plenty of light gets into the space. At the far end of the loft area is the entrance to a slide, which we’ve put beneath another arched opening. This metal topped slide ensures a smooth ride back down to the ground.

Now the upper area of this playhouse has both a covered area, and an open area, but that covered area doesn’t have to stay on top. As shown in the Kid Ventures pictures above, you can remove the top, covered half of the playhouse and use it as its very own playhouse. This ‘mini castle’ area has two entrances, one in the back and one on the side. A large gridded window lets kids see out, and a main tower and smaller turrets help add to the whimsical castle feel.

We include custom hand painting in the price of the Wizard of Oz Castle. You get to choose the colors, and we’d love to talk to you about different styles for the paints design.

In addition to customizing the paint, we would be happy to customize the castle itself. If you click through the gallery above you’ll see a white castle with a blue roof. This is the Wizard of Oz Castle, only we shrunk it down to fit in a living room! It has several other alterations, including the curved slide and spindled staircase. Please call us to see how we can alter the Wizard of Oz Castle Playhouse for you.


18′ W x 12′ D x 19′ H

This playhouse is built for an area with at least 20′ ceilings, but we are happy to modify the design to fit your space. We built the mini Oz Castle in the gallery for a room with 10′ ceilings.

If you have any questions contact us, or request a free quote to get the order process started.


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