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Wizard of Oz Castle – Big Indoor Playhouse


The Wizard of Oz Castle Playhouse is our most spectacular castle playhouse design to date. You can see the full size “live version” at Kid Ventures in San Diego, CA (check out their website here!). It was so large, when they decided to move the castle to a new spot, they had to take off the top half (see pictures)!

The price as shown is Hand Painted in your choice of colors and comes complete with slide and staircase.

Though this playhouse was designed for commercial space, we can easily modify it for residential use. Look through our gallery to see our Mini Oz Castle.

If this is for a commercial space, we recommend heading over to our Specialty Designs page. From there, we'll make sure you find the perfect playhouse for your needs.

See below for more details, or call us today at 801-261-2261. We'd love to hear from you!

Product Description

This big indoor playhouse is called the Wizard of Oz Castle because its as spectacular as, well, Oz! It is meant for spaces like day cares, pre-schools, waiting rooms. Anything with a high volume of kids playing at once.

The playhouse includes one staircase and one slide. The lower level has ample play and crawl space, as well as large window and an open front door. The upper level includes both a loft area, and a covered area. As in the case of the pictures above, the upper covered area can be removed and used as a separate playhouse.

We include custom hand painting in the price, and it can be done with whatever colors you choose.


18′ W x 12′ D x 19′ H

This playhouse is built for an area with at least 20′ ceilings, but we are happy to modify the design to fit your space. In the picture gallery above we have a version of our Oz Castle shrunk down to fit a space with ten foot ceilings.

If you have any questions contact us, or request a free quote to get the order process started.


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