The Play Under 2K Cottage

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**SALE ON FIRST ORDER! We want to build you a playhouse! The first person to order this playhouse receives a special discount of $500 as shown above! Order now to lock in your discount!**

The Cottage is one of our new Play Under 2K designs! It's under $2,000 and includes everything you see here. 

The classic cottage design is sure to make your kids feel warm and welcome, whether they are visiting grandparents, waiting at the dentists, or playing at home. 

The Dimensions are 80″ H x 87″ W x 57″ D and we base paint this design with two colors. We've also added two reversible shelves in the back so that you can ensure your playroom stays organized. 


This playhouse comes with everything you see at just below $2,000, and we’ve designed to it fit into just about any home or business. Like all our designs, this playhouse is made by hand here in Salt Lake City, Utah, though we ship worldwide. We’ve made sure it’s easy to put together, and take apart, so you can move it wherever and whenever you like.

We let the door, windows, and roof open so that plenty of light can get in, and so that parents can always have an eye on their kids. With it’s open floor plan, kids will be free to invent story after story as they play. 

Consider this playhouse your storage solution! We installed a typical bookshelf beside the door, facing out, then added two more in the back! These special bookcases are reversible, so you can set either one to face in towards the playhouse, or out towards the room. This way, you can keep the storage just the way you want it!

We include base painting on this playhouse in two different colors.


80″ H x 87″ W x 57″ D

If you’d like to add additional options, paint colors, or change the design, please give us a call!

This design is subject to change.


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