The Play Under 2K Castle

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**SALE ON FIRST ORDER! We want to build you a playhouse! The first person to order this playhouse receives a special discount of $500 as shown above! Order now to lock in your discount!**

The Castle is one of our new Play Under 2K designs. This playhouse includes everything you see here, and is just under $2,000!

This timeless castle design is sure to ignite your child's imagination every day! There are three different bookshelves for parents, including two which can face either in towards the playhouse or out towards the room.

Dimensions are  67″ H x 87″ W x 57″ D and 2 paint colors are included. Reversible shelves in the back make storage a breeze.


This playhouse has been carefully designed to fit into almost any home or business, and comes it is shown at below $2,000! Like all of our designs, we make it entirely by hand out of durable materials right here in Salt Lake City, Utah, though we ship all over the world. The design is easy to assemble as well as disassemble, in case you ever need to move it.

The door, windows, and roof are all open. That means there is plenty of light, and parent’s can always see what’s going on inside. The open floor plan means that kids can spend as much time as they like imagining new adventures!

Never have a messy playroom again! In addition to a bookshelf beside the door, we also have two reversible bookshelves along the right side of each playhouse. You can turn each bookshelf to face either in towards the playhouse, or out towards the room.  That means you can keep the storage just the way you like it!

This playhouse includes base painting in two colors. 


67″ H x 87″ W x 57″ D

If you’d like to add additional options, paint colors, or change the design, please give us a call!

This design is subject to change.


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