Space Shuttle Bunk Bed

As Low As $1,695.00 Unpainted. As Shown With Hand Painting $2,595.00

Our Space Shuttle Bed is by far one of our most popular designs. As if the idea of blasting off to space every night wasn’t cool enough, this bed has all sorts of optional features to help you create the perfect adventure among the stars!

This shuttle can be used as a bunk bed, bed + loft, reading nook or playhouse. Optional features include a fun dashboard decal, ‘launch’ equipment, a slide, and an electrical package! See below or call us (801-261-2261) for more!

Matching accessories include a Space Shuttle Dresser and Space Shuttle Bookshelf. Also consider our Space Shuttle Reading Nook/Playhouse.


This Space Shuttle Bunk Bed is perfect for any child who dreams of going to space!

Both the lower cargo hold and upper deck can fit a twin size mattress (if you’d like a different size, please let us know!), so your sleeping options are flexible. As a bunk bed, this design is perfect for siblings. You can use the upper or lower area’s for play areas instead of for a bed. It also makes an excellent playhouse! Add an optional trundle to make this the perfect sleep over bed.

We designed the Space Shuttle Bunk Bed to sit against your wall, but it doesn’t have to. If you want to access both sides you can add an additional wing. You choose the direction it faces in your room. All four of the standard cargo hold sides have openings, which means it is easily accessible no matter where you place it. Since this space is very open, it can be used as a bed, homework area, reading nook, playhouse, and more!

The cockpit includes a plain dashboard and a bench that seats two. Kids can reach the cockpit from the door(s) on the side(s), or from the cargo hold. You can choose simple doors, or leave them off. To make it feel more realistic, you can add the optional decal (pictured above). You can also remove the included bench at any time and place it somewhere else.

You can choose to add drawers beneath the wing(s) for extra storage space. We can add both a trundle and drawers, but be aware space is limited. We can add a slide to either the back or side. There is also a launch tower expansion for even more space themed fun! Please see the pictures above for examples of these options.

The standard painting option is black and white, but we would be happy to customize it for you. We can add decals of children’s names, country flags, or space organizations.

Really want to take the bed to outer space? Ask about our optional light package.


115″ W x 55″ D x 61″ H

For dimensions with slide or launch tower, please contact us. 

Matching accessories include a Space Shuttle Dresser and Space Shuttle Bookshelf.


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2 years 4 months ago

Do you have any pictures of what the inside cockpit would look like does it have a bench and painted controls or actual controls that light up?

2 years 4 months ago

Hi Jennifer,

I will email you a picture shown from the side of the cockpit door. The picture shows the optional dashboard decal and the switches included when you order the lighting package. Yes there is a bench just right for 2 kids.


2 years 4 months ago

Can you get the slide & the rockwall/tower attachment on one shuttle?

2 years 4 months ago

Yes, depending on your room layout, we can do the launch tower as shown with the slide on the end or back side. Send us a layout of your room and we’ll illustrate what can be done.