Safari Jeep Bed

As Low As $1,595.00 Unpainted. As Shown With Hand Painted Stripes $2,695.00

Create a bedroom filled with an exciting world of safari animal exploration with our Safari Jeep Bed. This jeep is sure to take your little ones wherever they can imagine, whether it’s the North Pole or the Serengeti.

Unlike most of our beds, this is a single, rather than a bunk bed. The smaller profile of this bed makes it excellent for small spaces, or small children.

This jeep is also available as a playhouse.

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This Safari Jeep Bed was made for the little adventures in all of us! Whether your little one dreams of scrambling over red rocks in Moab or photographing lions in South Africa, this jeep is sure to take them there!

Kids can access the bed by climbing through the open door frames on either side. A covered roof helps them feel secure, but plenty of windows let light in. In addition to the two windshield windows, there are two square windows above each rear tire, and two smaller windows above those. The back also has two windows.

The Safari Jeep Bed deck extends beneath the hood, which is removable. This allows easy access for tucking in sheets and blankets. The front end of the jeep also folds down on a set of hinges for additional access.

Our standard jeep comes with hand-painted zebra stripes. However, we would he happy to give it any paint-style you wish (we recently created a flame jeep which matched a monster truck we made a while ago). Or, we can leave it unpainted and let you and your family flex your artistic muscles in painting it.

This bed is also available as a playhouse. If you’d like to add features, or adjust the sizing, we would be happy to do so. We designed the standard jeep to hold a twin mattress, though it can be adjusted to fit a large size. Want something custom? Click here. 

Safari Jeep Bed Dimensions:

83 3/8″ W x 46″ D x 43 3/8″ H

If you have any questions, or feel ready to order, please call us right away at 801-261-2261. You can also fill out the Free Quote form above.


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