PLAY Bookcase


Want a creative way to add storage to your space? Do it with a PLAY shaped bookcase! This bookcase was designed and built for Sky View Parc Condominiums in New York City (check them out here). In addition to the visible storage, the bookcase has many doors with open to even more storage space!

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Want to see the castle which went with this bookcase? Click here. 

Though this bookcase was designed for a commercial space, we’d love to modify it to fit in your home.

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Want to wow people, but still want lots of storage? Get a PLAY Bookcase! This colorful case is sure to please everybody who sees it. And it’s unbeatable storage capabilities are sure to please you!

We fitted differently sized shelves into each letter. We placed these shelves in order to utilize space, while also creating a non-uniform look. Due to the odd sizes of these letters, the shelves are fixed in place and cannot be adjusted by you. We’ve also built in ‘hidden storage’ beside each letter. These area’s have doors the same color as the white spaces on the bookcase, but inside they are the same color as the letters. We’ve also fixed into place the shelves in these spaces.

On either side of the word ‘play,’ we fitted two bookcases with extra storage. These are blue and magenta within. You reach the left hand bookcase, beside the P, through a set of double doors. We made the shelves in this space adjustable, to better suit your needs. You open the bookcase on the opposite end by a single door.

We chose the blue, magenta, green and yellow colors for this PLAY Bookcase, but you don’t have to. You can have this bookcase base painted (the way you see it here), hand-painted, or even unpainted.

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