Any parent knows that when it comes to your kids, furniture is never just furniture. A couch is a safe rock in a pit of lava. The underside of a table is a cave full of bats and treasure and a bed is really the gateway to a universe of dreaming possibilities.

That’s why at Tanglewood Design we don’t just make children’s furniture. We create beautiful, lasting, personalized parts of your home sure to bring your children’s imagination to life. And who better to talk about that then the parents themselves?

With the cooperation of our amazing clients, we’ve created My Tanglewood; a place where ideas and creations can be shared. Here you’ll find some of our most creative, beloved projects, with pictures and stories direct from the people who own them. Whether you’re looking for first hand reviews, or idea’s for a design of your own, we hope you’ll enjoy looking through these projects.

Are you a Tanglewood Parent? Do you have a story to share? Want to be featured on My Tanglewood? We’d love to hear from you!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thanks, Rachel                     


Cottage Bunk Bed


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