Building Plans

Here at Tanglewood Design, we pride ourselves on quality beds and playhouses built just for you. But for some, the building of the project is half the fun! Unlike many other companies, we offer the option to build a bed or playhouse just for you, or we will sell you the building plans for one so you can build it yourself.

Below you’ll find the categories of some of our most popular bed building plans, and we hope to add more in the future. That being said, not all of our designs are currently available as plans, and if you have any questions on that front, please let us know.

Now, lets say you purchase plans for a bed, then decide you don’t have the time, or skill, or supplies, or whatever to complete the project yourself. We will be happy to sell you a finished bed/playhouse and will give you a full credit of the price you paid for your building plans towards the completed project.

In order to complete these projects you will need several tools such as a table saw, jig saw, router, etc, and a small nail gun (18 gauge pinner) is recommended. You will also be responsible for gathering the materials needed to build the bed.

Please Note: We do not sell the materials or tools needed to build these beds, though we can give you recommendations as to where to find them. Additionally, the prices listed here are only for the plans themselves. Each of the beds or playhouses listed here can be purchased fully built and painted elsewhere on our site.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.