We are often asked about whether a design will fit in a room. If you’re not sure and would like our help confirming the fit, send us your sketch (see below). We do this at no charge if you are ordering furniture. If you are ordering plans and would like us to do a room layout, we are happy to do it. There is a $35 fee.

Your Drawing To Us

Make a simple dimensioned hand drawing like the example above, including your ceiling height(s), doors, windows and closets etc. It does not need to be to scale.

Fax (801-261-2378) or upload your drawing using the “Contact Us” box on the right side of this page along with your name, phone number, email address and the design(s) you are interested in. It is also good to indicate which wall you would like it illustrated on if you have a preference.

 Our Layout Back To You

We will use your information to do a CAD drawing and illustrate to you how it will fit in the room or make suggested adjustments to the design.

We will then have you compare and confirm your CAD drawing with the actual dimensions of the room.


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