Tangeled Village Playhouse w’ Storage – Blueprints


Kevin is locked up in his office working on this design right now. He tells us it will include toy storage, a mail box, drawing paper holder and shelves galore with some of them designed for puzzle storage. Here are some concept drawings. The plans will be downloadable soon so you will have access to them in seconds.

Hard to tell from the drawing but this will come in 2 versions (both available in the plans). Version 1 is designed for smaller room and won’t have a “playhouse” but will be a facade with the gable and bookcase. Version 2 will have “side panels” that will give depth and a play area behind the bookcase. It helps to look at all of the drawings in the gallery.

Please Note: The price shown here is just for the plans. You will need to supply your own materials and tools.

You can comment below if you like to ask questions or have some ideas.


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1 year 3 months ago

We’d love some feedback as we develop this and other designs. What do you think of the shape and functionality. What options would you like to see?